Innisfree Cafe in Myeongdong – Innisfree fans must go!

Every tourist that knows Seoul, knows or have been to Myeongdong. Myeongdong, an iconic shopping centre where you can get all your Korean skincare, make up, clothes, or kpop needs. Surprising enough, not everyone is aware of the three-story Innisfree store cafe in Myeongdong.

The spring themed display at the entrance

I love their products and I have been using their products for quite a while. When I found out about this cafe, I immediately had to go to see what they offer. Innisfree the famous skin care and make up has a cafe? What could they be selling? Do they sell their own branded coffee? In this article, I will be introducing to you all there is to know about the Innisfree Cafe!

How to get there?

Get off at Myeongdong station line 4, exit 6 or 7 and it will be an approximate 7 minutes walk. I recommend you to use the Naver Map to get you there, it’s really easy. Actually, use Naver Map for all your travels in Korea! The cafe doesn’t stand out that obvious so you’ll have to look up to spot it easily.

Once you get there, you will find this three-story Innisfree store. The first floor will be its retail store where they sell their usual Innisfree products, and the second floor will be the cafe. You can choose to look for a seat first or you can order first. The seats cover the whole top two floors, so even on weekends, you should be able to get a seat. Unless it’s really packed. My friend and I proceeded to order first then looked for our seats. If you’re new to Korean cafes, as soon as you order, they will give you a round looking buzzer that will buzz when your order is ready, so you won’t have to wait at the counter. You can freely look for your seats after ordering. Convenient right?

The table display at the entrance. You can see that they display their current new released product that is the cherry blossoms skin care collection. Pretty!

Cafe Menu

They have variety of coffees, juices, desserts that that you can choose from. Their signature dessert is the fluffy pancake, souffle hotcake that’s priced at 10,000 korean won. The pancake portion is actually quite a lot and you can share up to 3-4 people. They put syrup on the side that you put onto the pancakes when you’re ready to eat. Overall the pancakes are a 10/10.

The famous fluffy pancakes

My friend ordered an appealing spring special rose tea and I ordered the blueberry healing juice.

Spring Special Rose Tea with real flower petals
Innisfree blueberry juice

The environment of the cafe was really nice and healing covered with greeneries. A perfect place to wind down, have a chat with your family or friends after a tiring shopping spree in Myeongdong. We were seated at the third floor next to the window, so we had the view of the Myeongdong street below us. We watched the busy shopping Myeongdong street live as we relax still in the cafe.

VR Innisfree Experience

As soon as we got done with our drinks and desserts, we returned the tray to the counter and head back down to the second floor. There, they provide a free VR Innisfree experience. Let me say, it was pretty fun and good quality VR.

My friend trying out the Innisfree VR at the second floor

When we went there, they had a Yuna from Girl’s Generation Innisfree VR special. If you’re fan, you would enjoy the VR. It was super realistic and that’s as close as we could get to meeting Yuna. After our fun at the cafe we head down to the first floor at the retail store and did some window shopping.

Overall, it was a fun experience at the cafe. Our tummies are satisfied and our eyes are refreshed! I so recommend this Innisfree cafe if you ever get to visit Korea. ♥

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