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Indie Traditional Korean Pub: The Dameum

If you’re looking for a unique Korean pub where you can try some ultra traditional Korean liquors, The Dameum is your best option. Their catalog includes some of Korea’s regional beverages that really can’t be found anywhere else in Seoul.

First Impressions of The Dameum

On one particularly cold night in Yeonnam-dong, a friend and I decided to meet at The Dameum. It’s a cozy little bar specializing in traditional Korean liquor. The place is located a short 6-minute walk from Exit 3 of the Hongdae station, along the path towards Yeonnam-dong. The Dameum is a good meeting place for a friendly night out. However, it might lean on the smaller side. 

We entered without any prior reservations, so the bar was almost fully occupied. There were just two seats at the corner of the bar. It was freezing outside, so we quickly accepted. We were ushered into the small space by the friendly waiter. 

Ordering at The Dameum

We had originally found The Dameum by searching for bars on Naver. And so, we decided to order the spicy stew we had seen many others order on Naver reviews. The waiter confirmed that it was the Spicy Pork Jeongol dish. Then he recommended a bottle of traditional Korean rice wine to go with it.

Heeding the advice of the man I’ve heard that rice wine goes well with red food (think anything covered in the common Korean spicy sauce, like tteokbokki or spicy meats). We agreed to the suggestion, and the waiter immediately brought us a bottle and served us the rice wine. Alongside the wine was a small plate of spicy kimchi-flavored chips. 

Review of the Dameun

Rice Wine

I don’t typically drink rice wine. I stick to the more classic Western white wines or even beer when I’m out with friends. But, it was just what we needed that day – it went down smoothly and tasted divine.

I had only had one prior exposure to Makgeolli before this, but after this particular experience, Korean rice wine has become one of my top choices for alcoholic drinks. I am constantly recommending it to my friends and family around me. 


Having a seat at the bar was pretty interesting. You can look over the low partition into the small kitchen, where the chefs prepare food carefully. It was interesting to see them sear delicate cuts of meat and boil vegetables. However, the most fascinating part was watching as they prepared our bowl of spicy stew. It was full of seafood, cooked kimchi, pork, and tofu – so healing to eat on a cold day! It was still hot and bubbling on the paraffin stove they presented it at our seats. 

Being trapped in a moment of time like that, where conversation flows well over delicious wine and warm soup, sheltered from the cold in a small, dimly lit bar – those are the kind of moments that stay in my memories most. They become the things I love most about the city of Seoul. 

The Dameum

Address: 29 Donggyo-ro 38-gil, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Korean Address: 서울 마포구 동교로38길 30 2층
Operating Hours: Sat & Sun: 01:00 PM - 12:00 PM
                Tues - Fri: 05:00 PM - 12:00 PM
                    Monday: Closed

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