Incheon, South Korea -The expanding metropolis

Everyone knows Incheon because of the international port and airport, but do you know that Incheon is also one of the famous travel spot that worth a visit?

So, today I would like to share with you places what you should not miss, when you travel to Incheon, South Korea.

Where is Incheon?

Before this, let me introduce to you where is really Incheon is and how far it is from Seoul. Incheon, is a city located in northwestern of South Korea, bordering Seoul and Gyeonggi to the east. The Incheon Subway has two subway lines serving the city. The first line connects to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system at Bupyeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), and AREX line at Gyeyang Station. It is not that far from Seoul as all you need to is just take the subway line 1 and you will reach Incheon at the final destination of the subway.

So, now you had already briefly know about Incheon city, isn’t you? Then, let’s start to travel at Incheon city!

Wolmi Theme Park

The first tourist spot I would like to recommend you is Wolmi Theme Park.

  • Address: 81, Wolmimunhwa- ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Opening Hours: Weekdays 10:00 – 22:00 , Weekends & public holidays 10:00 – 24:00

It might not be as huge as other theme parks in Seoul like Lottle World or Everland, as it was opened at August 1, 2009. But it is still a worth place to visit as the admission fee is free. They have various kind of amusement facilities, convenience facilities, hands-on programs, carnival facility, and more.

The most attractive part is where there is a lot of small hawker stores where you can buy street foods. If you are not interested in taking a ride on the Ferris wheels or pirate ship, then you can have a look at the stalls as they sell different kinds of food. You can find Busan fish cake at there too! It was delicious and the price is affordable.

While eating the snacks that you bought, you can then walk around that place where there is various kinds of shops that look special. Those shops are located at the side of the sea so you might be able to see spectacular sunset view if you go there at the evening. Wolmi Theme Park is really a nice place for you to spend a relaxing day with your friends as it is not that big. It is not as complicated as other places in metropolitan cities like Seoul and I am sure you will fall in love with that place.


So, lets move to the second tourist place which is the Chinatown at Incheon city.

Address: 20, Chinatown-ro 59beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon

In the past, Chinatown had a lot of stalls where they sold goods that imported from China. But now, this phenomenon had became less as most of the stalls at there now are restaurants. The people there are mostly second or third generation but the traditional taste of the foods are still preserved. If you wish to have a traditional taste of Chinese food, then you should not miss this perfect heaven. Besides food, the street still preserved the original Chinese traditional buildings. So you might feel like walking at one of the street in China but you are in South Korea.

Snow Village

There is a place where snows everyday in Incheon. If you visit Incheon during winter, especially when it snows, then Snow Village is a must for you.

There is some small outdoor malls where you can shop and buy stuffs you like. The rooftop of the buildings are white as it was snowing heavily throughout the whole year there. You can take some tourist photos at the Snow Village anytime throughout the year and you will feel like becoming one of the characters in Disneyland.

Address: 10, Uhyeon -ro, 35beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon.

Sinpo International Market

If you love traditional market, then there is one more thing I would like to highly recommend you to visit. It is Sinpo International Market, that is just nearby to the Snow Village.

  • Address: 11-5, Uhyeon -ro 49beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
  • Opening Hours: 10:00a.m – 09:30p.m (varies by store)

Sinpo International Market is a market where in late 19th century , vendors started to sell stuffs to Japanese, Chinese and Western people that stayed at there.

The local market eventually turned into an international market when Incheon had transformed into an international port. Vendors that sold stuffs at there increased dramatically and the people who visited the market increased too! You can find a lot of traditional food as well as street food there and the price is very reasonable.

So, what are you waiting for?

Concluding the four places above, i am sure that Incheon is a perfect place for a one day trip if you wish to travel during weekends.

No matter with families, friends, or even just yourself!

🇲🇾 Tan Wei Wen

Hello, I am a foreign student that is currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Wish to share more about my travel stories here.