Igidae Coastal Walk-a walk to remember by the sea in Busan

Igidae Coastal Walk is one of the most scenic hiking trails in all of Busan. As you walk along this 3 mile coastal stretch you can enjoy some absolutely spectacular views of the sea and the rugged mountains and cliffs running along the shore.

And I can guarantee that this hiking trip will be a once in a lifetime experience for anyone who comes here. So let’s go exploring!

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Getting there

This beautiful walking trail is located at 105-20 Igidaegongwon-ro, Yongho 3(sam)-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea.

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To get here take subway line 2 from Kyungsung University. Exit the station using exit 3 then wait at the bus stop to catch bus number 22 that runs straight to Igidae Coastal Walk.

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Get ready for the hiking trip of your life!

Seriously this is a hiking trip like no other. I’d suggest going for a slow, leisurely pace so that you can take in all the beautiful sites and take little side detours to really explore this place in detail.

I’d definitely recommend getting off the main trail and spending some time on the beach as well. It’s really calming to hear the waves gently crash on the pebbles lining the shore.

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But walking along the main trail is really the best way to enjoy the breath-taking view of the mountains and cliffs that run along this coast. So make sure you get some good pictures because the views from here are literally out of this world.

But do be a little careful because the path can get a little steep at this point. So, make sure you don’t get too close to the edge.

The beautiful Oryukdo islets and their fascinating history.

As you walk along this trail you will come to the point where you will be able to see a line of rocky islets extending into the ocean from the coastline.

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According to the history books, the fascinating thing about these small islets is that the number of peaks that you can see depends on the direction that you are standing in.

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So you might see 5 peaks from one side but 6 peaks from the opposite side! Fascinating, isn’t it?

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From Igidae Coastal Walk to Sunrise Park- an unforgettable journey

If you start at Igidae Dongsaengmal then you will probably end up at the Sunrise Park sooner or later. And along the way you will have seen some amazing views of the sea and the cliffs.

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Really it’s impossible to deny that this is one of the most unforgettable walks of my life.

And at this point you can follow the directions and explore some of the other paths as well like the Forest Walkway or the Sunrise Park.

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Daffodils so pretty they might turn you into the next Wordsworth!

Also at this time of spring the daffodils are in full bloom! This yellow field of happiness is sure to lift your spirits right up and put you in a sunny mood.


In fact, the flowers look so pretty that many of the visitors stop here to get some cute pictures.


There is also an information board here that gives details of all the different flowers that grow here.


Savor some special delicacies!

And how can any trip be complete without sampling some delicious food? And here you can get a special oyster snack topped with fresh chilies and onions.

Final Thoughts.


Lastly, I’d like to say that if you like outdoor activities and love reconnecting with nature then you should really consider planning a hiking trip along the Igidae Coastal Walk. The magnificent views alone make coming here truly worth it!

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