Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang

There are a lot of advanced technologies that surround us in Korea, but oftentimes, we don’t even notice them. For example, we all see cars on the road. But, did you know that the process of assembling cars is almost completely automated and requires only minimal involvement of people in production? You can see how this happens live at Hyundai Motorstudio!

What is Hyundai Motorstudio?

I think that many people are familiar with Hyundai, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. They export cars to virtually every country on the planet. Well, Hyundai Motor is originally from South Korea, and they opened Hyundai Motorstudio Gallery in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province in 2017.

The goal Hyundai Motorstudio gallery is to enable the public to get acquainted with the entire process of assembling a car. This marketing strategy is unique and quite profitable. So far, it has succeeded in gaining more trust from people. In a world of ethically conscious consumers, it has become a valuable asset.

What you can see in Hyundai Motorstudio

What you see in the showroom will amaze anyone, because it is hard to imagine that this is how cars are created and produced in huge quantities to meet the needs of buyers. The presence of a person is practically not required at any of the stages.

“In the exhibition, you can use sight, hearing, and touch to experience how cars are manufactured. You can experience the fun that comes with each step of the manufacturing process.” Hyundai Motorstudio

Into the Car

The first exhibition “Into the Car” shows how the metal from which cars are made is prepared for the assembly process. Then, shows how the car body is modeled.

After that, the welding robot connects all parts of the machine body. Separately, visitors can see how robot arms do painting and assembly.

N Brand Zone

Additionally, there are “N Brand Zone” halls showcase of there products. There, everybody can see the latest models of cars, including some race cars. One of the advantages of this tour is that visitors can touch everything live and even get behind the wheel of a car or truck to take memorable photos.

If you are interested in checking in advance what awaits you at the exhibition, then there is a Digital tour section on the official website. I am sure that after watching the video you want to visit Hyundai Motorstudio as soon as possible.

Click Here for a virtual tour!

Visit Hyundai Motorstudio

You can visit without a reservation during their operating hours. However, there are guided tours and group tours.

In the case of a group tour, it is necessary that the number of participants is 20 people. If you want to get more detailed information, then you can buy a Basic Tour with experts who will tell you about everything. This tour is available in Korean, English, and Chinese. The number of participants is from 1 to 10 for a basic tour.

To make a reservation, you need to call by phone or fill out all the information on the site.

Hyundai Motorstudio (현대 모터스튜디오 고양)

Address:   217-6 Kintex-Ro, West Ilsan-Gu, Goyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do
Korean Address: 경기 고양시 일산서구 킨텍스로 217-6 현대 모터스튜디오 고양
Opening Hours: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

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