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How to Survive Summer in South Korea

Learn how to survive summer in South Korea through this guide we have prepared for you!

South Korea undoubtedly has a pretty crazy weather during this season. From sunny and hot days to rainy and humid ones, makes it feel like if you were in a rollercoaster due to the continuous changes from one day to another.

Because of that reason, we are about to introduce you some summer essentials that will help you out on going through this hot wave.

Get Ready for a Super-humid Weather

In this season, the temperatures can be intense. Because it goes up to 30°C. Which means that is pretty hot.

The good news, is that summer tends to be short. Normally, it lasts from July to August. However, during that period, monsoon season starts. Which means that it rains almost on daily basis! And in consequence, the weather gets humid.

Because of this, it can be unbearable for a lot of people. Specially to those who come from a country with cold weather.

It is not impossible to survive though, that is why we are about to teach you how to go through the summer in South Korea.

Summer Essentials You Need

Before coming to Korea


Although they sell sunblock in South Korea, it is uncommon to find one that you can use in both face and body.


Usually, they sell small sunscreens for the face. Which is not enough if you also want to pour some in your body. Plus the prices are also higher in comparison to other countries, like the U.S, in terms of size and quantity of product.


As you might have already heard, it is hard to find deodorant here. This is because they do not need to use it due to their genes.

Although it is hard to find, it is not impossible. In some stores they sell some. However, it is usually NIVEA ones.

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With this in mind, we highly advise you to bring your own, because you will definitely need it thanks to the hot weather.

As an extra tip, you should bring some armpit pads if you tend to sweat a lot. Because here it is impossible to not sweat.

Once in Korea

Electric Fan (손선풍기)

This is indeed a must-have! That is why when you walk through the streets, you see a lot of people using it.

Even if because of the hot weather, the air might not be cold, it kinda helps you out in not sweating. Due to this, it is recommendable to buy a good quality one. You will indeed need it a lot!

Most of them are rechargeable, which makes it convenient when you go out. For the reason that you can charge it again with your power bank.

In addition, there are some of them in where you can put some water and create breeze.

The cheapest one I have seen, was around ₩5000. But if you do not want to spend at all, do not worry. Some stores give away promotional fans during summer. Although not like this one, rather a round plastic fan.

UV Umbrella (양산)

If you plan to go out a lot, then you need to buy this yes or yes!

Most cities of South Korea have high UV rays during summer. That is why you might see a lot of people carrying an umbrella. However, this is not a regular umbrella, but an UV one. That means it has SPF.

Due to this, you are able to protect your skin from the harm that the sun can produce.

In South Korea, you can find various styles, sizes and designs. But we highly recommend you to buy a small lightweight one.

The cheapest I have seen was about ₩4000. Which had plain color and no design.

Dehumidifier (제습기)

The weather during summer gets pretty humid. For this reason, mold can grow in your home’s walls.

To prevent it from happening, we advise you to buy a dehumidifier. Which are simple to use. You just need to empty the container every time it fills out with water.

In addition, it will help you to not get drain flies, as they like humidity and mold.

You can also find disposable humidity absorbers in the convenience stores and markets. But if you plan to live in South Korea for a while, then the dehumidifier is your best option.

The cheapest I have come across, was ₩10000. Though the size was small.

Mosquito Trap (모기퇴치기)

As you may have already guessed, there is a LOT of mosquitoes during this season. In spite of that, there are different types of traps that you can get.

These attract the insects through its UV lights. You can hear a small sound when it happens.

It is worth to mention that since the mosquitoes die inside, you must often clean its container.

The cheapest I have seen, was around ₩5000. However, it was small.

If this does not convince you, you can also get an electric swatter. Which has the shape of a tennis racket and you must swing it by yourself. Even the ones that are low-priced are effective.


Now that you know the essentials that you need to survive summer in South Korea, you are ready to go through this season.

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