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How to Get Korean Customs ID Number (PCCC)

If you are a big fan of purchasing from international stores, you might already know that having a PCCC is a must. With this in mind, we will help you on how to get a korean customs ID number (PCCC), so you can continue ordering from abroad just as you like!


While in some other countries, to receive packages you do not need to do authentication. In Korea is indeed a different story. You need to do it regardless of the cost of your item.

Therefore, if you want to receive gifts from your family and friends from abroad, or even ordering from online shops, you will need it. The good news, is that it is in fact a simple process.

Now, let us help you on how to get korean customs ID number (PCCC).

Why do I need it?

A PCCC is needed to receive packages from abroad. Because of this, if you plan to order from international online stores, you will have to get one. Specially if you want to purchase from apps like coupang, because they might ask you for your PCCC in advance.


It is worth to mention that if you fail to authenticate, you will not be able to receive your package, of course.

The good news, is that you can still authenticate with your passport number or resident number. With this we mean that when your package arrives, you will receive a link where you need to write it in order to receive your parcel. However, the laws keep changing. And because of this, the safest way is to just get your PCCC done.

Now, let us help you on how to get korean customs ID number (PCCC)!

How to get my PCCC?

Access to the clearance customs website

As a suggestion, you should do it through phone. Since the website looks more simple than the platform for PC.

To access, you need to click here.

First, you need to enter your complete name as it is written in your ARC.

If your name originally has accent marks, do not put them. Because it must be 100% as the ARC.

② You need to write your resident registration number, which comes in your ARC under the name of 등록번호.

In the first box, write the first six numbers. And then, the rest of them in the next one.

As shown in the picture, this 13-digit number is located in the upper side of the card.

Resident Registration Number

After that, you need to click in the blue button.

Verify your phone number

The next step if to verify your number. You will need to choose your phone carrier and mark all the check boxes.

After that, you must fill the boxes with the required information.

You need to write your full name, as written in the ARC. Then, beside it you need to mark the box that says 외국인.

Here you must write your birthday. Starting from the year, following with the month and ending with the day. (It is important to mention that you should not separate the numbers. Therefore, you must write it as this example: 19901003.)

In case you are a man, you need to select . While if you are a woman, you need to select .

You need to put your phone number. Which you must not separate.

After doing the above, you need to mark all the boxes. Before clicking the red button.

What is going to happen next, is that you will receive a confirmation number through SMS. Which you must write in the website that you will be redirected. And finally, click 확인.

Receive your korean customs ID (PCCC)

Before receiving your number, you will need to write your address where it says 주소.

Once you click, you must write your postal code in 우편번호 and click the blue button. Then, a list of addresses is going to appear, from where you need to select yours. After that, you need to write your phone number where it says 전화번호.

It is advisable to put your email where it says 이메일. When you open the list, if you do not find the option you want, click 직접입력. This way, you will be able to write it by yourself.

The last step is to mark the check boxes and click the blue button. Then, you are done! You will be given a code that starts with P and has 13 numbers.

Forthwith, you just need to save that code to be able to use it every time you want to order.

What is the next step?

Receive a SMS

Once your parcel is in Korea, you will receive a SMS that looks similar to the one from the picture.

You need to click the first one if you already did the steps we gave you before. If not, you must click the next one to do the previous process.

Enter your information

You first need to choose your identity verification method. These are the translations:

  1. Resident registration number
  2. Passport number
  3. Personal Customs ID Number
  4. Foreigner registration number

Please select the third one. Then, paste your customs ID in the box.

② The following step is to check the box. It is important to mention that it must be done before going on to the third step. If not, it will not work.

Once you have pasted your customs ID number, you need to click the yellow button.

 And then, click the blue button.

Enter your information

You will know that you did it correctly when it looks like in the picture. There, the details of your package will be written.

Now you just need to patiently wait for your package to arrive.

Customs Main Offices Information

As simple as it seems, a lot of people in fact have trouble at the time of getting their PCCC done. Because of this, we will share to you the contact information of the customs main offices:


  • Address: 721, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (06050)
  • Phone number: 02-510-1066


  • Address: 339, Seohae-daero, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea (22346)
  • Phone number: 032-452-3128


  • Address: 4th and 5th Floors, Daegu Regional Government Complex, 301, Hwaam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea (42768)
  • Phone number: 053-230-5112


  • Address: 10th and 11th Floors, Gwangju Regional Government Complex, 208beon-gil 43, Cheomdan gwagi-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju (61011)
  • Phone number: 062-975-8003


  • Address: 20, Chungjang-daero, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea(48940)
  • Phone number: 051-620-6055


To summarize, you need a PCCC to order items from abroad.

Despite having the option of using your passport number, it is in fact better to get your customs ID number. Because it is the best way to make sure that you package will actually arrive. With this in mind, we hope that you did not have trouble following the guide. Now, have a great shopping spree!

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