How to Come to Korea for Free: Study Korean at Geumgang University

Geumgang University is the only university in Korea that provides a full scholarship to all students for language courses, which means that you can study Korean in Korea for free!

If you’re interested in Korea and want to live here, you probably have some interest in the Korean language. It’s not a secret that studying languages in a country where they are spoken is the best and fastest way to learn. I did this myself by studying Korean in Korea for free.

Being fascinated with Korean culture, I studied the language for half a year back in my country on my own. I didn’t have much time to spend with books, so I decided that if I wanted to change my life and pursue my dreams, I had to put in more effort.

I started to search for good language schools in Korea. And, I found Geumgang University, where I am a student right now with a full scholarship. In a nutshell, I’m studying Korean in Korea for free!

Geumgang University:

The full scholarship covering tuition is not the only pro of this university. There is also a partnership program, which will bring you some additional money. Spoiler: the money you receive from the partnership program is almost enough to cover your living expenses. 

Beyond just finances. There are additional reasons why you should study Korean at Geumgang University.

1. Class Size

Class sizes are small. Compared to other language schools, there are far fewer students in each classroom, making the studying process way more effective. To compare, we have 4 – 6 students in each class. Other schools usually have at least 15 students in each of their Korean classes. 

2. Amazing Location

The location of Geumgang University is in a rural area, near Daejeon and Nonsan cities. The nature surrounding the campus is stunning and the air is clean. It feels like living in a retreat center or resort. However, you have to spend at least 25-30 minutes on the bus to get to the closest city. Although it is a bit long at first, you will adjust quickly and delivery is just as fast as it is in cities.

3. The Dorm

The dormitory is new. The rooms are big and the facilities are amazing. But you have to pay for it, it is 550.000 KRW per semester. However, it is really cheap compared to the dorms and housing generally found in Seoul. Plus, you don’t have to worry about roommates! You live alone in your own room. Believe me, it’s a blessing.

The Program

The program is 2 years or 4 semesters (3 months each). You can start the program from any level. You can come in not knowing Korean at all, or already having some Korean language skills under your belt. Those who are already decent at Korean can stay in the advanced class for as long as they need. The studying process is based on Seoul National University books, which is considered the best program in the country.

You can apply two times a year, in both Summer and in Winter. The application process is not hard and is explained in detail on their website.

Once you are enrolled, the classes are fairly intense. You will have class 5 days a week from 8:30 to 12:30. Our school’s faculty are amazing so it makes class time fly by. Although we usually have a lot of homework, it is nice to have the afternoons off so that we can go into town and explore Korea.

So if your dream is to study Korean in Korea, you don’t need to worry about the finances! You’re welcome to our Geumgang family!

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