How to Buy Sold Out K-Pop Concert Tickets on Interpark

Have you ever felt the pain of really wanting to go to a concert or event, but not being able to because tickets were sold out in the blink of an eye? In Korea that is all too common. But luckily, I’ve come up with some tips to help you buy even the hottest K-pop concert tickets on Interpark. Even if they’re sold out – don’t lose hope!

My Experience

A month ago I tried to get tickets for Highlight’s Intro Live 2022 Concert on Interpark. I failed more than once. But, thankfully I did my research and managed to get tickets in the end!

In total, it took me around five days of exploring different options. And, five days after the tickets initially sold out, I managed to get quite a decent seat. I feel that many k-pop fans miss out on going to their dream concert because people are unaware of all of the services Interpark offers. So, let’s buy some concert tickets on Interpark!

The Basics of Interpark

Firstly, you want to make sure you have the right information about when tickets will go on sale and make sure you have the best internet connection possible.

Lately, idols have been holding both offline and online concerts. It is easy to get confused between the ticket sale dates when there is more than one kind of concert being held! Make sure that you know when the sale for the tickets that you want starts. 

It is important that you also find a good place to buy your tickets from. So shaky internet connections! I would definitely recommend going to a PC Bang or cybercafe. But, check beforehand that the place is suitable for this. When I went to get my tickets, the time on the computers of the cybercafe was wrong and I could not access the sale at the correct time. So, I would recommend visiting the place beforehand and making sure that the time on the computers is right! 

For a visual guide on how to purchase K-pop concert tickets on Interpark, Click Here.

Tip: When asked to do security verification, you have an option at the bottom that says “잠깐 접어두기”, that you can use to hide the screen and select the seats first! Don’t lose time writing the code!

Canceled Tickets Release

If you are not able to get your tickets, do not panic! (Even though I did myself…) There are many people who have tickets on hold or cancel their tickets.

While people cancel their tickets randomly throughout the day, there is a certain date and time when those tickets will be released for sale. Normally, there will be a second round of ticket sales at midnight or early morning a few days after the initial sale, even when tickets are ‘sold-out’.

In my case, hundreds of tickets were made available two days after the sale at around 3 A.M. This can be your chance to get those tickets! Normally, they will post the date somewhere in the comments on the official website where they are sold.

Waiting List

However, I was still unable to get the tickets even on the second try. But do not lose hope because there was one other way to get tickets on Interpark.

Interpark has a service that allows you to choose up to 50 seats you can be on a waiting list for. If one of the seats you chose becomes available, you will get a notification and be given 6 hours to buy the ticket.

In order to use Interpark’s waiting list service, you will have to pay 1,000 won and choose 10 seats. You can do this up to 5 times, resulting in a total of 50 seats. However, the number might change depending on the show. Additionally, some shows will allow you to choose them all at once while some make you choose ten seats at a time.

To access this service, you have to click 예매대기하기 (“Waiting for reservation”) in the upper right corner. Then, proceed to choose the seats you want and pay! You will get your money refunded if no one cancels any of the ten tickets (for each 1,000 won you paid). But, keep in mind that you will not get your money back if someone cancels and you do not buy the seat!

I personally chose random seats. It is best to avoid the first row as many people prefer them and the waiting list is first-come, first-serve. Plus, I doubted many people would cancel those seats. Out of the 50 seats that I chose, three of them got canceled. I managed to get a seat in the 8th row of the center seats on the third floor, which was a pretty good view!

You can get those tickets too!


If all else fails, many fan groups in Korea still hold parties outside stadiums for people who were unable to get tickets. Although it is not the same, they are still a really fun way to meet other fans and enjoy the atmosphere.

I hope that these tips are helpful and that you are able to attend the K-pop concert of your dreams. Want to learn how you can attend K-pop awards shows for free? Click Here!

🇪🇸 Silvia Miranda Vega

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