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How to Buy/Sell Used Goods in Korea with Karrot Market App

If you have clicked this article already only after seeing the title, chances are you are interested in buying/selling goods in Korea. Much like Amazon and eBay, Korea has its own marketplace to buy and sell any kind of goods. This is called Karrot Market. Now obviously, every market has its own protocols having some dos and donts and so does the Karrot Market in Korea.

Let’s begin this blog by explaining the very crux of this market to you starting from its name. Karrot/Carrot Market is also known as ‘Dunggeun Market’ in South Korea which means ‘near you’. Now you can get an idea of what the motto of this market would be. But what does it do? Let’s find out in detail down below.

What Really Is Karrot Market?

Karrot Market is an online store/app where people can list their used items to sell. However, the difference between Karrot and other online stores of similar nature is that this works only in limited proximity. Meaning, you can sell your items to people who are around 6km near you. This rule makes it easier for people to communicate and build a trust relationship with each other. This is why it is a C2C (customer to customer) application that is gaining immense popularity in South Korea.

Just a little tip, whenever you download this app on your Andriod or Apple phone, make sure you keep your location active.

What Products Does Karrot Market Sell/Buy?

You will not see a limit to buying or selling items on Karrot. You can literally find anything over here from big things such as furniture to small things as undergarments. The store is meant for everyone and everything.

It is due to the utility of this app that Karrot has gained 6.6 million users. People are downloading this amazingly useful app and the download number just did cross 8 million.

Basics Of Using Karrot App?

Okay so, start with downloading the app from your Google Play station or App Store (iOS). Now once you are done with free registration, update your location by either manually selecting your area or let the app do it for you. All you have to do is turn on your location if you choose this option.

What’s astonishing you will find here about this app is the option of choosing two neighborhoods here. This feature is pretty unique and we are quite sure that you will not find it anywhere else. Another great feature of this step is, you can choose the proximity level of your selling/buying options. If you don’t wish to buy products from far, you can limit it. Once you download the app, you will notice a bar with these options.

Trading could become a lot easier if you know the Korean language. Try it from our recommended apps.

Buying Guide On Karrot

You will notice a magnifying glass on the top right of the app where you can type in your desired product’s name. You will see a lot of similar items pop up with detailed information about the items and the seller both. The app will also show you the ratings of the seller and the previous items he has sold. Plus, you will get a contact number from the app to make it easier and more communicative for both the seller and buyer.

If you are not sure of buying it yet, you can just click on it to receive a notification about the item or add it in favorites. If, however, you do want to check out, know that the payment will not be made through the app.

Everything about this app is a C2C formula. The app minimizes the troubles of packaging and posting so the buyer will have to directly contact the seller to receive his items.

Selling Guide On Karrot

If you are here to sell your products on Karrot, we recommend a few important points. Start with uploading good, realistic pictures of your product. Write down the exciting titles and useful descriptions of the items. Stay honest and don’t miss any relevant information.

Now you pick the right category and write down your price as well. You can also mention if the price is negotiable or not. It depends on you if you want to mention where you would like to meet or you can discuss this on the call with your buyer as well.

So these were just the basics of Karrot Market for a beginner. Trust us when we say this, it is a very easy and useful app that you will get to know in moments after downloading it.

Although there are so many other options for online shopping in Korea in the English language as well. But they don’t sell used items for sure. We hope you will love the Karrot Market.