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How To Buy BTS Concert Tickets in Korea

Finally, after almost two and a half years, BTS is coming back on stage in South Korea. BTS Permission To Dance On Stage will be held in Seoul from March 10th to 13th. It’s the first time that the international K-pop sensation has been able to host a performance in their home country since the pandemic began. Us South Korean ARMYs are beyond ready to see our favorite idols on stage again! However, ticketing can be a little difficult, so today I will give you some information on how to buy BTS concert tickets in Korea based on my own experience.


I still cannot believe that I got a ticket for this show! I am sure every ARMY knows how hard it is to secure tickets for BTS’s concerts – especially now that they are so popular around the globe. So, I just want to share my experience on how I was able to secure a ticket in less than 10 minutes using South Korean ticketing platform InterPark.

A few days before ticketing opened, I searched and watched Korean vlogs on youtube about their experiences buying tickets in Korea. Interpark has always been the go-to platform for purchasing BTS concert tickets in Korea. However, some things have changed over the past several years and things can be extra difficult as a foreigner. With such a short time limit before tickets sell out, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the procedures and the platform yourself before ticketing opens.

Here is the summary of the information I gathered, I hope that this will help ARMYs in the future!

WeVerse and Interpark Membership Verification

First, I made sure that my information on WeVerse and Interpark matched exactly with my ARC.  If they don’t match you won’t be able to successfully purchase your tickets.

In order to save time on the day of ticketing, I updated and verified my contact information on Interpark the day before. To do this, log in at the Korean Interpark (싸니까 믿으니까 – 인터파크 티켓).

Once logged in, I clicked on 화원정부 (membership information) located on the upper left part of the page. Then, I proceeded to update my name, contact number, email address, and birthdate. Finally, I clicked save at the bottom of the page.

D-Day: The Purchasing of BTS Concert Tickets

The D-Day for purchasing BTS Permission To Dance in Seoul was March 3, 2022, at 8 PM KST. I logged into the Korean Interpark site 1 hour before the ticketing began.

My first tip is to use Google Chrome. According to the vlogs that I watched, it is aslo best to go to PC bang rather than try to purchase the tickets at home. This will ensure the fastest possible internet speed.

I contemplated whether to go to a PC bang myself, but ended up not going and decided to trust the internet speed of my dormitory here in Busan. Everything worked out okay for me. But perhaps during non-pendemic times when there is more travel and international competition for tickets it will be necessary.

Allow Pop-Ups

After you have logged into Interpark, allow pop-ups and redirects for the Korean Interpark website. To do this go to site settings > Security and privacy > Pop-ups and redirects > choose “Allow”.

Close Tabs & Clear Cache

Next, I needed to optimize my browser’s speed. As I was waiting, I made sure to close all the tabs that I was not using so that only the Korean Interpark site was open. I opened 3 tabs at the same time. And then cleared all cache and history on the web browser.

I also downloaded the Korean Interpark application on my phone as a backup.

Accurate Countdown

Since there is a countdown function on the mobile app, it is easier for me to see the exact time (most importantly the seconds) of when the ticket reservation opens. Alternatively, Koreans use like 타임시커, which has extremely accurate countdowns for ticketing.

I refreshed all 3 tabs when the time hit 7:59:57. The site lagged because of the increase in traffic but don’t worry, it happens to everyone. It is really important to wait, be calm, and pray that you will get the ticket and seat that you want. I assure you that any seat at the BTS concert will be worth it.

ARMY Membership Ticket Reservation

For the BTS Permission To Dance On Stage show, I chose March 12 for the date I would attend and click the ARMY Membership 예메 (reservation).

Once connected, a pop-up opened allowing me to see my queue number. I used both my laptop and mobile phone. You can use as many gadgets as you want using the same account.

Then, I successfully enter the ticket reservation system and a captcha code popped up.

I waited until the seat selection opened. Once it opened, I clicked the area that I wanted and select the available seat, which was shown in green. I chose FLOOR Y.

After this step, I had to input my birth date again.

Payment on InterPark

The next step was to complete payment. It is advisable to select bank transfer (무통장입금) as it takes alot of time to verify card information in Korea and doesn’t always work for foreigners.

You will need to visit the bank or trasfer the payment online within 24 hours. Please take note that the banks listed are all Korean banks, so if you are a visitor in Korea with an international bank account, you may get charged international transfer fees. If you are in Korea and don’t have a Korean bank account, you can go to the bank you selected with cash and your passport to make a transfer.


My payment was successful!! After I completed payment, I was able to see my mobile ticket and QR code on the InterPark mobile application. Now I’m ready to see their live performance again here in Seoul!

I hope this will help you and see you at the next BTS concert here in South Korea ^^

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