How Are You? Café by Day, Bar at Night

We have always heard of cafés and bars being two separate things. However, at How Are You?, they have perfected the best hideout for those who want to pop a cold one after office hours and for those who want delicious croffles for brunch with friends.

How Are You? Café and Bar

The name of this place already made me feel at home. The phrase “How are you?” brings forth a sense of comfort and ease. That was the vibe that How Are You? gave off the first time I saw it.

The café, located in Sagajeong, is small and cozy. It has enough tables for just three groups of people. They even had some chairs at the bar for those who want to chat with the owner or for those who wanted some quiet time alone.

They serve a variety of beverages that range from teas to coffee, and alcohol. Not only that, but they also had different kinds of croffles for you to choose from. Since we went during the daytime, we decided to take it slow and just have something simple.

Our Order

As someone who loves tea, I had to try their chamomile and tangerine tea. The combination was something that I had never thought of before and to my surprise, citrus goes really well with chamomile! It had the soothing herbal taste of chamomile, but the tangerine added some flair to it. My husband had the Coconut Latte which he described as; having a sweet cup of coffee on the beach with a cool breeze combing through his hair. In other words, delicious.

Next up, was their Basil and Cheese Croffle. I have always had my croffles sweet and with ice cream, so I decided to switch it up a bit. It came on this little plate that had the words, “I am fine thank you, and you?” on it which immediately made me crack up a little. I cut a slice and popped it into my mouth. Boy, did it taste good!

The pastry was light and fluffy, yet crisp on the outside. The cheese blended well with the basil to create a little slice of heaven on earth. The syrup that was drizzled over the croffle was pleasant as well. I am usually not a fan of sweet and salty, but this stole my heart and my stomach! 10/10!

Final Thoughts on How Are You?

How Are You Café and Bar is a great place for some quiet time away after a long day at work. The service was impeccable, and the owners were a delight. They even gave out some crackers and jam for us as service.

I have been here at least three times and am still warmly greeted and remembered by the owners. They make you feel safe and at home while you are there. The croffles are amazing, and the drinks are splendid! I hope you decide to give How Are You? a visit the next time you are in the Sagajeong area!

How Are You? (하우아유)

Address: 4 Myeonmok-ro 56(osibyuk)ga-gil, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
Korean address: 서울 중랑구 면목로56가길 4
Operating Hours: 06:00 PM - 12:00 PM
Closed: Mondays

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