Horror Halloween @ Lotte World [~SUN 21 NOV]


It’s Halloween in Korea 2021! It seems like Halloween gets more and more popular each year in Korea, as such, there are plenty of things to do. To that end, let’s check out Horror Halloween at Lotte World theme park!

Lotte World with Halloween decorations

First Impressions

As you approach Lotte World from outside, you’ll see lots of Halloween decorations, complete with glowing pumpkins and bat silhouettes. Additionally, within the theme of Halloween you can find areas dedicated to specific horrors, such as zombies or ghosts.

Moreover, there’s even a spooky story that goes with the decor. It seems that Big Daddy escaped prison with his crew and took over Lottle World, transforming the Magic Castle into Zombie Castle. During your visit, you’ll get the chance to see Big Daddy, introduced by a stunning pyrotechnic show. Furthermore, you’ll see the Lotus Halloween Parade featuring all of Lotte World’s ghosts and ghouls, as well as a projection show that includes giant spiders… EEEK!

Horror Halloween Parade

Photo Zones

You can snap a great photo practically anywhere at Lotte World, but these 4 zones were our favourites:

  • The Giant Pumpkins & Goofy Ghosts @ Meeting Plaza
  • The Halloween House @ Main Building
  • Zombies! @ Pathway towards the Magic Castle
  • Spooky Mirror @ Rollercoaster Zone
Zombies at the main bridge
Halloween house photo spot
Halloween mirror photo spot
Pumpkins photo spot

Foods and Drink

No need to eat before you come because Lotte World serves tasty, fun Halloween treats. As you can see from the photo below, I went for a blood bag ade, but there’s much more on offer:

  • Bloody Smile ice-cream @ Ice Factory
  • Halloween plain hotdog @ New York Hotdog
  • Midnight Eyes @ New York Hotdog
  • Zombie Ade, Blood Ade @ Fruits World
  • Zombie Cool Ade @ Delkis
  • Skeleton’s Favourite kimchi fried rice, Halloween lunch box with Zombie Vaccine @ School Store
  • GHOST Special Gimbap Rolls (squid, spam, whole shrimp) @ School Food
  • Halloween Season cupcakes @ Cookie Party
Blood bag ade

Halloween Makeup & Costume Rental

Until the end of November you can enjoy Halloween to its full extent by getting scary makeup or outfits at Lotte World. However, if you want something to take home, you can buy shoulder bags, hats etc. at the gift shop.

Scary makeups

Zombie Prison

During this year’s Halloween, the main thematic attraction is the Zombie Prison. It is a paid ride of ₩5,000 but certainly worth the price. 

Of course, in keeping with the Halloween tradition, Lotte World featured this year’s special themed ride: Zombie Prison. Tickets are 5,000 KRW but worth the price. Inside the prison, you follow a maze-like route, exploring each room and its hidden zombies and creepy objects… Don’t worry, you don’t go alone but in groups! At the end, there’s a prison-themed photozone.

Prison photo spot

Horror Halloween Event Info

Horror Halloween at Lotte World will run until Nov 21st and so you can enjoy Halloween even after Oct 31st! General admission costs 56,000 KRW per Adult but check the site often for discounts and promotions. Entry after 4pm is reduced to 46,000 KRW. Furthermore, some rides/experiences may close in bad weather, so check the forecast before you head out!

Address: 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Operating Hours: 10:00am - 9:00pm everyday
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