Hongik University Street

Hongdae Street for the performers!

Do you like street vibes with tons of youthful ambience? Then, Hongdae Street is suitable for you. This is the place you need to head on whenever you feel bored with cultural and palaces in South Korea.

Seoul : Street Performers at Hongdae © Steve Y / flickr

Hongdae is a neighbourhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground culture, and freedom of self-expression. This place is popular among the local youth and also tourists. What makes it famous is the unique cafes, cozy galleries, accessory stores, various kinds of fashion shops, live cafes and clubs, art markets and tons of gourmet eateries that you can visit here.

Besides that, there are also a lot of cultural events, street performances, and festivals held here that make Hongdae Street an area that is popular among with young Koreans and excitements. If you are hoping to fully experience the Hongdae Street there are some spots to visit. This includes Special streets such as ateliers’ Street, Picasso’s Street, and Club Street.

Easy to Access

Located centrally in the Mapo-gu district, capital Seoul. It’s just a short subway ride from anywhere around Seoul to the most popular neighborhoods and sights. Hongdae, or Hongik University, was established in 1946. It is known as one of the best architectures and art schools in South Korea. This also what makes Hongdae Street so alive with those artsy fame since the arts university lying right by the subway station. I bet you will be amazed with how this Hongdae Street can turns into a full of art street.

Hongik University © Arliss Renwick / flickr

As to anywhere in Seoul, the subway is always a great choice to get to Hongdae. To get to here, take the subway line 2 (the green line) and get off at Hongdae station, or Hongdae University station. If you are planning to spend a night out here, take note that subway service will be online till about 12 in the midnight. Therefore, tit’s good to take taxi or uber if you are planning like so. Don’t worry, there are usually dozens of taxies queuing in those nights.

24 Hours street

Since Hongdae is full of life, during the day, Hongdae Street is buzzing with life and students and fill the streets at lunch hours. Most of the stores and shops are filled with trendy Korean fashion and the eateries cafes and luxurious restaurant that are popular there. However, you have all the options on what to do here. From walking Hongdae Shopping street and find somewhere quite to have lunch, to dance in the night in one of the many clubs that come to life in Hongdae during the weekends especially at nights.

夜遊 Hongdae © ceciyam / flickr

Along the Hongdae Street, you will be able to find all the latest and most popular trends in Korean fashion. Here is the heaven for those who hunting on the Korean fashion! I bet you will find everything. Ranging from clothing to cute accessories till the ever so famous Korean beauty products. Plus, these stores do not close before late at night so, you can literally go shopping here at any hour. But best to come in the evening so that you can enjoy the vibes during the day before dark, and the ambience during the nights. However, you will notice that most of the shops in South Korea generally, will be closed around 10 PM. Remember, don’t be late for shopping!

Bored with Palaces in Seoul?

As what I mentioned earlier, Hongdae Street usually filled with students and Korean youngsters. But a very normal phenomenon to see in the streets is the Hongdae Street performers. This is basically Koreans with talent and starter a dream of becoming famous and discovered. Busking and dancing in the Hongdae Street have become so popular that people show up early to secure a spot for the night. But this kind of activities usually seen even in the evening. Dancing K-pop choreographs, singing and playing. You will see that most of them have sign with their Instagram handle next to their place so that people can recognise.

Hongdae. © Erik Goserud / flickr

Not only that, sometimes, up and coming K-pop stars also do come here to dance and practice. There are also plenty of examples of artists and performers who got discovered and got famous by busking in Hongdae Street. Usually, the crowds gathering around the performers are overwhelmed and lots of them are sitting and recording.

Muslim Friendly Restaurant

Special for the Muslim traveller, there is a halal restaurant that you can visit here in Hongdae Street. With a marvellous menu list served, such as halal Lamb Skew and many more. For sure you can take the experience here while wandering around in Hongdae Street. In addition, here also locate a nice prayer room for those Muslim travellers who need a space to perform their prayer. So that you do not need to rush in order to perform your prayer in other places. Just enjoy your time here. You can easily find it along the Hongdae Main Street near the Hongdae Station exit number 9. Simply search for “뜻밖에 양꼬치” with Halal signs on it.

I hope this information got you enough motivation to explore Hongdae Street in-depth on your next trip to Seoul. I bet you will experience best time here in Hongdae Street!

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Syed Ahmad Nabil, an ungraduate student in Sungkyunkwan University. Came all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and enjoys travelling and photography literally pretty much.