Hong Kong Da Bang: Bubble Waffles in Korea

Hong Kong Coffee House is a place where you can enjoy a taste of the best snacks from Hong Kong.  From famous milk tea to Hong Kong-style bubble waffles, this coffee house allows you to experience foods and drinks at a low cost, with fast service.

Hong Kong Da Bang Brand

Hong Kong Coffee House (홍콩다방) is a small franchise, that has a total of 34 stores around South Korea so far. It gathered recipes from street vendors in Hong Kong, and adapted them for the Korean taste, creating the brand as it is today.

As for the space itself, they tried to bring the idea of “Cha Chan Teng” (차찬탱), which is a term part of the food culture meaning “a space where you can enjoy tea and meals together”.

Bubble Waffles, Milk Tea, & More!

The menu offers mainly four types of Hong Kong delicacies. Milk tea, waffles (Kai Tanzai), Hong Kong iced tea, and Hong Kong-style french toast.

Milk Tea

First, the milk tea. The main difference between the Hong Kong style and the Taiwanese milk tea is that the first one has black tea as its base, compared to the second whose base is milk. This makes Hong Kong-style milk tea stronger in taste and more aromatic than its more famous Taiwanese counterpart.

Also, I was suprised to find in my research that 2.7 million cups of milk tea are consumed every day in Hong Kong. Which, makes it an intangible cultural asset.

Bubble Waffles

Second, the bubble waffles. These bubble waffles are shaped into a cone, making them the perfect vessle for whipped cream. Plus, inside of each bubble you can find a yummy surprise. You can choose chocolate, corn, sweet potato, caramel, or cheese filling. I ordered chocolate filled one with whipped cream on top when I went there, and it was great!

Iced Tea

Third, is the iced tea. Similar to milk tea, the strong point is the quality of the black tea that it is made with. Since it is made fresh, you can really taste the difference between this one and the ones you find at other stores.

French Toast

Fourth, is the french toast. This toast is made with a nice fried egg in the middle of a crispy piece of bread. Then, it is topped with sweet condensed milk. I personally never tried it, but after seeing the pictures, it is on my list for the next time. 

At the Hong Kong Coffee House, this toast was named Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) after a famous restaurant in Hong Kong that serves this dish. If you ever make your way to Hong Kong, it is a must-visit location!

According to the brand representative, they are studying the possibility of implementing the menu with other simple recipes, like wonton noodles and Hong Kong-style burgers.

Location and Working Hours

You can find all the locations on their website here, but the location that I went to is close to the Gongdeok Station at the following address: 서울 마포구 백범로 152 공덕파크자이 101동 1층 14호. The coffee house has branches all over the country, but you will definitely have an easier time finding it in Seoul.

As for the working hours, they will usually be open from 10 am to 8 pm on Sunday, and for the rest of the week, from 11 am to 8:30 pm.


I loved trying these waffles at Hong Kong Coffee House. If I was to give a recommendation, get the chocolate-filled waffle, it is delicious. Other than this, the atmosphere is chill and a nice place to have an afternoon snack and rest.

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🇧🇷 Dani Quintana

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