Hogwarts in Seoul: A Must for Potterhead

You might know that is one of the famous line in Harry Potter stories if you are one of the Potterhead. And if you are one of the Harry Potter fans, then you are at the right place. Today I am going to introduce you two Harry Potter theme cafes in Seoul.

I solemnly swear I am up to no good

Harry Potter

So, for the first one will be the 943 Kings Cross Cafe. It is located at Seoul Mapo-gu which is near with the Hongdae Station.

943 Kings Cross Cafe

Where is it?

  • 24,Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  • 11.30a.m-10.30p.m (weekdays) , 9.30a.m-10.30p.m (weekends)

You had reach Kings Cross Cafe !

You might need to wait for your turn to enter the cafe since they limit the number of people in it. But I guess you do not want to miss which is taking picture with the King’s Cross Express Station where Harry Potter entered into the magical world!

Besides, there is actually a signboard outside the cafe that shows you there is five to six different theme floors in the cafe. There is a basement level which is the Hog’s Head (Bar and Cafe). The first floor will be the magical liquid medicine or dessert. A place where you can have your meal inside the world of magic! Third floor will be the wizard cafe and there is a banquet hall at the fourth floor. And the wizard dormitory at the fifth floor. There is different kinds of setting at each floor and you can enjoy your time as one day Hogwort’s student as they set up the cafe with Harry Potter theme song too! The sixth floor will be the most magnificent floor because it will be the department of magic where muggle access not allowed.

There is some Harry Potter uniforms that you can try to put it on and take some memorable photographs at the photo booth there too! There is a lot of photo spots inside and you might need to spend around one hour to see them all!

Food and beverages

Since you are a wizard now, don’t you want to try out the wizard beer there? Of course you will. If you’re thinking about visiting soon, expect to be delighted with their beverage, champagne, wizard beer, whisky, as well as coffee. Even butterbeer is available .Also, they have Dragon’s Leg which is turkey leg and it fill up to a whole family since it is super large. It also comes with some fries and side dish too! The food and drinks will be a little bit expensive compared to normal cafe, but I am sure that they worth it. Have a fun day in Hogwarts is everyone’s dream right?

How to go there?

So, don’t you curious on how to get your way there? All you need to do is just take your subway ride until Hongdae Station. Then take Exit 9. Walk straight until you reach the Ginseng Chicken soup which will be at your left hand side. Turn left and keep straight until you pass the emart 24 and you will see the magic school. It takes around 10 minutes for you to reach there if you depart from exit 9.

Besides this cafe, there is actually one more cafe that is very popular among locals which is also related with Harry Potter. It is a cute cafe named Potid which is located at Sinchon, Seoul.


Where is it?

  • 36-3, Myeongmul -gil, Seodaemun -gu, Seoul 1F
  • 11.30a.m-10.30p.m (everyday)

You might get fascinated with the beauty of the entrance of the cafe if you visit it first time. As like you travel at one of the street in Europe. It always catch an eye of the pedestrians because of its mysterious and Europe-style building structure. It will be more beautiful if you visit there during night time because of the light decorations. However this cafe might have less seats compared to the first cafe in Hongdae. So, you will need to wait for your turn if you visit it during peak hours.

Food and beverages

The prize of the drinks is much more cheaper than the previous one. But they only have some normal drinks that you can get easily at other cafes. Despite of that, this cafe is still one of the favorite cafe for young people to have their date as the place is very cosy and comfortable. Once you push over the entrance door, you can see a lot of pictures hung on both side of the wall. There is also some Harry Potter banners and the chairs you have a seat on it will make you feel like the royal family in 18 century of Europe. Inside the cafe, you might also be able to see some traditional stuffs which is also one of the interesting part of their interior design.

How to go there?

It is located at Sinchon Station so all you need to do is just take Exit 3 at the station and walk straight until you see the Paris Baguette. Then, keep to your right and walk straight until you see Dunkin Donuts. Just turn left and you will reach there. It takes around 7 minutes if you wish to walk there from the Sinchon station, exit 3.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your magic wand and and have fun!!

🇲🇾 Tan Wei Wen

Hello, I am a foreign student that is currently living in Seoul, South Korea. Wish to share more about my travel stories here.