Hiking Trails in Daegu: 6 Mountains

I love hiking Apsan Mountain (앞산) it’s at my doorstep. But there are other hiking trails less than 2 hours away from Daegu. Each one is beautiful, can be hiked all year long, and all of them have something to offer the beginner, intermediate and expert hiker.

Hiking Daegu : 6 Trails Less Than 2 Hours Away

Hiking Daegu is More than Apsan

You want to take a hike in Daegu, but you think that Apsan is your only option. The landscape is too brown to be beautiful, and it’s January~~ It’s too cold to go for a hike! I beg to differ. There are so many beautiful trails less than 2 hours away, and many of them are beautiful all year round.

Yes, it’s a little cool outside, but the mountains offer a great opportunity to enjoy nature, breathe some fresh air, and take a break from the hustle of South Korea’s 4th largest city. It’s also a huge contributor to my recent 60-pound weight loss. Here are my favorites including the approximate distance from Daegu.

Palgonsan (팔곤산)

경북 영천시 신녕면 치산리 산 141-5

Palgonsan has many stunning vistas (accessible by cable car) and one of my favorite Buddhas~~ Gatbawi or the seated Buddha featured in this mountain’s temple. Those who make the trek to the temple are promised that one of their wishes will be fulfilled. I think that’s fair, don’t you? Dongwhasa temple is also worth the hike and an awesome place to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday and the lotus festival.

Total distance hiked: 42.7km

Hwangmaesan (황매산)

경남 합천군 가회면 둔내리 산 219

Hwangmaesan is beautiful all year round. BUT don’t sleep on the Azalea Festival from mid-April to mid-May. I love hiking in Daegu because there are several trails for every difficulty level. I’ve never seen a sea of pink and yellow flowers that beautiful anywhere~~ pictures don’t do it justice.

Distance: 94.3km


Biseulsan (비슬산)

대구 달성군 유가읍 양리 산 3-1

Biseulsan is the closest hike from Daegu but has one of the longest stairways eva. But don’t worry, you can take the bus back down. The mountain blooms with flowers in spring offer a beautiful fog-filled valley in summer, falling leaves in autumn, and an ice-capped mountain in winter.

Distance: 34.7km

Geumosan (금오산)

경북 구미시 남통동 산 33

Trust me, Geumosan is NOT a beginner’s hike.  The hike to Doseongul Cave, the Daehye Gate, and the Haeunsa temple with its beautiful lantern-lined catwalk is one of my favorite places to listen to the monks chant. Luckily you can also take the cable car.

Distance: 60.0km

Gayasan (가야산)

경북 성주군 가천면 법전리 산 162

Gayasan CAN BE by far the most accessible place for hiking in Daegu on this list. It’s paved. There are two main attractions here. First, Hainsa Temple is one of the most revered temples in South Korea. The other is the stairway to heaven~~ this climb that seems never-ending, offering one hella panoramic vista.

Distance: 5. 64.3km

Hiking Tips

How to Enjoy Hiking Trails in Daegu

Hiking can be a fun experience, and even if you are traveling with a group, stay alert, prepared, and aware of your surroundings. As a fellow hiker (who also happens to be black), I support and encourage you to embrace diverse travel experiences – to get off the beaten path per se. And hiking might be one of the best ways to do just that.

You don’t need much to enjoy South Korea’s favorite weekend pastime. Hiking boots aren’t a prerequisite but offer stability on some of the more difficult trails.

I always wear a small backpack to hike hands-free when necessary. I pack my asthma meds, cash & debit card, tissue, hand sanitizer, and phone. And while many trails have restings areas with potable water, I never leave home without water. You don’t need much more because most trails can be hiked in a day.

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