Help Me Emo- An English-friendly Delivery Service

Wanting to order food delivery but can’t understand Korean enough to use delivery apps in Korea? Or the apps don’t take your international cards for online payment? Use Help Me Emo! Whether you live in Korea or you travel to Korea for just a few days, you could use Help Me Emo to order food delivery via Kakaotalk. They operate every day from 11am to 11pm.

Help Me Emo is a English service which assists people who don’t read or speak Korean to order food delivery. They help you order food from your desired restaurants and delivery company will send the food to your door!

How to use Help Me Emo?

Step 1 : Connect to Help Me Emo channel

You could simply go to the “Friends” tab. Click the “add friend” icon and search “HelpMeEmo” by ID.

Step 2: Fill up the form and send your delivery address

Just simply drop a “Hi” and you will receive a registration form link. Complete the registration form which requires you to enter your name, address and phone number details. After submitting the form, you are required to send your delivery address, preferably in Korean, but English is fine. If you are not sure, you could snap your utilities bill that has your address on it. Or, if you are in a hotel, you could just send the address shown on your hotel reservation apps.

Step 3: Tell them what you are craving for!

If you have a specified restaurant that you would like to order from, you could just tell them and name the dishes you would like to get. Otherwise, just tell what you want to get and they will help you find a restaurant that delivers it. Remember to include the details and your special requests, if you have one, like “no corns”, or “more sauce”.

Step 4: Giving your details

They will ask for the building password for the access of the deliveryman so you won’t have to get to the bottom of the building to get your food. Also, tell them whether you would like to pay with cash or card. You pay to the deliveryman when he delivers the food to you. Nonetheless, tell them if you need any disposable cutleries. Last but not least, tell them if you need any notifications when the food is there, in case you don’t have a bell at your place.

Step 5: Confirm the details and wait for your food

After confirming the total costs and the order, the assistant will place your order to the restaurant that you have picked. Then, you will be notified about the estimated delivery time.

Step 6: Wait for your food and pay

You pay for the food to the deliveryman using either cash(won) or card. Also, you pay the service fee for 2500 won to Help Me Emo for each order you place. However, note that the first order is free of charge!

P/s : they are doing a review event where you could get your service fee waived with one positive comment or posts about Help Me Emo on Facebook! They also do “Buy 4 free 1” deal where you could get 5 prepaid orders for 10000 won advanced payment!

The procedures are very easy, convenient and fast. The assistants are kind and helpful. You don’t need to worry about the communication problem between you and the delivery company and the restaurant owner. If there is any problem or miss-delivery, you could inform the assistant and they will help solving the problem!

Help Me Emo is really a good online delivery service that I enjoy using during my life in South Korea! Visit their website for more information!

🇲🇾 Chok Yan Ting

Traveler in South Korea