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Healing through nature at Buramsan Mountain

Buramsan Mountain is one of several gorgeous mountains in Seoul. Buramsan is located between the Seoul borough of Nowon-gu and the city of Namyangju. The name of the mountain is claimed to have derived from a big boulder on the mountain’s top that resembles the Buddha wearing a monk’s cap (songnak). The mountain is also known locally as Cheonbosan and Piramsan.

Attractions at Buramsan Mountain

Hiking up Buramsan

Buramsan trail is quite challenging for a hike. It is steep and straight up basically the whole time. The trail starts out as a steep paved road then turns to rock steps and then wooden steps. The ending is a rope climb up to the top and not for the feint of heart! Nevertheless, it offers a stunning view at the top definitely worth it.

NOTE make sure to bring hiking boots and some snacks and water to stop midway.

To get there: You can take the Subway Line 4, Danggogae Station, Exits 1 & 2 (15-20 mins on foot) Or Subway Line 4, Sanggye Station, Exits 1 & 4 (20 mins on foot).

Don’t worry along the way, you’ll find maps explaining which way to go and the easiest path to take.

The view at the top is stunning, many people stop here to contemplate the view and relax. They also take tons of pictures. I recommend you go early and during the week to enjoy it peacefully.

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Buramsan Butterfly Garden

Having opened in 2018, the Buramsan Butterfly Garden is a nature experience and learning center located at the entrance to Buramsan Mountain in Nowon-gu. It is an ecological space where citizens and tourists can observe and experience various insects and butterflies 365 days a year.

More than 700 butterflies belonging to over 10 species have been released in the transparent glasshouse.

In order to create a natural environment that closely resembles the outdoors within the compound, 50 types of plants including silver magnolias and sweet olives have been planted indoors.

Hundreds of butterflies of all patterns and colors, including the swallowtail butterfly, Indian fritillary, and common tiger, may be seen flying freely around the green house. There is a Water Cave and a Nocturnal Insect Hall inside the greenhouse where visitors may encounter aquatic species and nocturnal insects that are normally difficult to observe.

A trail has been created outside the garden to allow visitors to enjoy themselves outside of the greenhouse garden.

source: Seouldanurim

Other facilities aimed at reducing stress and raising self-esteem for visitors is under construction with the goal of opening in June of next year.

The building has two floors. On the first floor you can find an Audiovisual Room, an Aquatic Cave, a NocturnalInsect Hall, a Breeding and Cultivation Room, and a Butterfly Greenhouse, while the second floor houses the Insect Learning Hall and Butterfly Greenhouse. As the Butterfly Greenhouse is maintained at temperatures of over 25 degrees,visitors can observe live butterflies here all year round.

Admire the Azaleas in the garden

Enjoy the beautiful view of these Azalea flowers that fill the garden’s trail. Stop for a moment to smell the flowers and take memorable pictures.

The project took a lot of effort to make, it finally opened in June 2019. The project was to plant 100,000 Azaleas in a total area of 5,000 square meters. It was created to be a healing space where nature in the heart of the city that catches footsteps are alive.

Children’s forest experience

If you came with your children, the ‘Buramsan Children’s forest’ is ideal for them. It is a center where children can experience nature to its heart and promote creativity and social skills.

The children’s forest experience center was created with the aim of a space which combines facilities allowing various physical activities by maximizing the characteristics of the existing forest such as beautiful scenery. There is also an education field and a forest scent story field.

​How to get there

Since the park is about 1 kilometer away from Sanggye Station, access topublic transportation is not convenient. Car users can park their cars at theBuramsan Royal Azalea Park and Butterfly Garden parking lots, but there is notmuch space available. There is an accessible parking space (for 1 vehicle) atthe entrance of the building. Basic amenities such as elevators, accessiblerestrooms, quick chargers, and nursing rooms are available in the park. Thepassages outside the building are flat, equipped with wooden decks, but somesections are covered with stones or steeply sloped.

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