Have a sweet tooth? Satisfy it at Egg Please

The moment you step in, sweet smells of sugar and chocolate overwhelm you stare in awe at glass cases displaying rows of colorful treats intricately designed that look almost too pretty to eat. From down until dusk, the air around this pastry shop smells like browned butter and caramelized sugar thanks to an extensive menu of scones, pies, cupcakes and cookies. You will notice right away that Egg Please cakes are more delicious than other cakes you have tried in the past.

Egg Please is famous in Mokpo for the combination of baking mastery and passion that is simply unsurpassed!

The internal decoration has French influences, with small tables and scenery from Classic movies.

Egg Please is a modern answer to Korean coffee shops and pastry houses. According to owner’s philosophy, the sweets shall be fun, textural and appealing to the eye. Last but not least, the taste must be incredible.

On its menu you will find vibrant flavors, seasonally inspired ingredients and bright colorful deserts.

You can also have coffee and refreshments to suit every taste, served in fancy-cute caps of cartoons.

Egg Please is well known for its bold and beautiful cakes and cookies that are made in-house by the passionate team.

The pastry chefs work with fresh cream, seasonal fruits, a wide spectrum of spices and a lot of zest.

Egg please recipes introduce fresh flavors to indulgent classics, highlighting the ingredients which inspired them from around the world with special credits to France.

They make also custom made cakes upon request, which may be tailored to celebrate someone special and everything they bake is handmade with love!

You can easily find it crossing the central road with direction to Hadang. The unique romantic style of this place will remind your childhood. Make your day!

Address: 70 Hadangnambu-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do

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🇬🇷 Maria Pilatou

Hello i am Maria, i work as an editor for 11 years. The last 6 years i live in Asia, between South Korea and Vietnam and i am excited in exploring the world through the tastes and culture.