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Harry Potter Cafe in Seoul for All the Potterheads

From super-cute parks to astonishing museums, Seoul’s trendy district, Hongdae, has a number of must-visit places for tourists and locals both. Hongdae is well-known for its numerous themed coffee shops, and it recently added another one to its collection. The district just became a lot cooler with the opening of a brand new Harry Potter cafe Seoul named after the famous train platform, 9 ¾ King’s Cross.

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Harry Potter Cafe Seoul

The Harry Potter cafe Seoul is located just opposite of the highly popular apparel store, Aland. You can easily find the exact location with directions online. If you ever get to visit this cafe, you’d agree that it gives other themed cafes around the world a run for their money. It’s the closest that a Potterhead can get to experiencing the inner views of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World.


Using the word “cafe” for this place does not do it justice since it is a massive building with seven large floors. Every inch of each floor’s fully decorated in the style of the Harry Potter books and movies. Many of the rooms even feature the beautiful and nostalgic Harry Potter movie soundtrack.


Harry Potter Cafe – Makes you feel like a Wizard

The Harry Potter cafe Seoul welcomes you as if you’re a wizard. Even before you enter the 9 ¾ King’s Cross, the Broom Parking on the cafe’s front reminds you of the initial years of Harry Potter. On top of that, the speakers playing the soundtrack of the film sets the mood perfectly. If you’ve done your fair share of searching about the Harry Potter cafe Seoul, you’d know that the Broom Parking is its most famous photo place. So make sure you visit this parking lot.

The first thing you see inside the Harry Potter cafe Seoul building are wall shelves filled completely with wand boxes. This isn’t just a nod to the Ollivander’s wand shop. It shows that you’re starting your journey just like Harry did.


Food at Harry Potter Cafe Seoul

Since the 9 ¾ King’s Cross is a cafe at its core, it offers foodstuffs that aren’t just reminiscent of the food from the Harry Potter world but also incredibly delicious. This applies to their sweets the most. Even the drinks’ presentation reminds you of the Wizarding World. When it comes to drinks, the Wizard’s Green Tea and the Wizard’s Chocolate are the bestsellers.

You’re wrong if you think this is it. This Harry Potter cafe Seoul has a Best Set that enables you to feast like a wizard or witch. Like the other foodstuffs, this also looks straight out of the kitchen of Hogwarts. And if you’re wondering about the taste, I just have one word: superb.

Perfecting the Theme

I believe it won’t be fair to tell you what every floor offers you and spoil your experience. However, I can tell that you that each floor has a cozy and nostalgic feel to it. Be prepared to be reminded of the Gryffindor common room. In addition to that, you can expect to find walls filled with quotes, paraphernalia, and portraits. They’ll make your experience even truer to the Harry Potter world.

Wear your Hogwarts Uniform!

Every Potterhead wishes that they owned a Hogwarts uniform. This Harry Potter cafe in Seoul makes this dream a reality. The cafe gives you a chance to put on the faithful uniforms for photos to complete your Harry Potter experience. There’s no need to worry if you see yourself as a Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw because the cafe has uniforms of every house. I am sure you’ll find an outfit of your size. For those who can’t decide which uniform to choose just put on the Sorting Hat and hope that it finds your house.

All in all, I can say without a doubt that the 9 ¾ King’s Cross cafe is a huge hit. Obviously, the cafe is super popular, so get ready to wait in line before getting to enter. If you’re in Hongdae, make sure you visit this top-class Harry Potter themed cafe.

If you enjoy this café then you may as well like to visit the unique Arc N Book Library. You are also welcomed to know your Korean name so that you can mingle with people better.


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