Hair loss in Korea

“I am going bald” is probably the first thing that I said in the new year 2023. The amount of hair loss I have experienced recently is just so unnerving. I have done a lot of research on how to prevent this from happening, as I and so many other expats seem to experience hair loss in Korea. This is the information I have gathered, mostly from Tiktok – a trusted source of information 😊. So, please note that I am not an expert and this is not a scientific article, just a bit of friendly advice.

My Current Hair Condition

My hair is very thin and long. Personally, I think the hair itself is in a good condition, overall it is silky and smooth. I have no complaints about my hair quality.

It is the quantity of hair that is worrying me. My hair has become thin to the point that you can the scalp easily. And, my hair is always sectioned, and there is a long line of scalp exposed on the back of my head. Plus, I have to vacuum the floor of my one room every day because there is hair everywhere ( to make matter worse, the floor of my room is white so the hair is very visible to me).

Possible reasons

Ever since I moved to Korea, I have been losing more hair and there are many possible causes for this massive hair loss. Here are some possible reasons for hair loss in Korea.

Change of Environment

My home country is Vietnam. It is a humid, tropical country – the exact opposite of Korea in winter. Right now, it is freezing and dry.

Chances are, your home country also does not have the same climate as Korea and your body may have trouble adapting. Your body will react to adjust to suit the environmental conditions here. Hence, when the body reacts, there will often be some problems including hair loss.

Your body’s energy resources may need to redirect towards keeping you warm and safe from the elements in a way it has never had to before. So, non-essentials, such as hair suffers.

Changes in Diet

When you first come to Korea, you will probably have some changes in your daily diet. If you are not used to eating Korean food, you may eat less than usual. Otherwise, if you love Korean food, you are likely to eat much more since you are excited about a new cuisine.

Both of these can lead to hair loss. Eating too little may result in vitamin deficiency, which is one of the causes of hair loss. Also, an unhealthy diet including many spicy and car-rich Korean dishes forces your body to work more and eventually results in hair loss.

Water and the Environment

The change in the source of water can also cause hair loss. Living in a new environment can also result in other problems such as acne and dry, flaky skin, etc. This is understandable since your body needs time to fully adjust to a new living environment.

Plus, South Korea has some of the worst air quality in the world. If you are from a country with less air pollution, you may find that your scalp gets irritated, which can result in hair loss as well.

What You Can do to Prevent Hair Loss in Korea

A Healthy Diet and Daily Routine

Try to design a healthy and balanced diet for yourself. This can be the first step if you want to cure not only hair loss but also other problems. Also, it’s important to make sure that you’re not deficient in vitamin C. Which is quite common in Korea due to the inaccessibility of fresh fruits. It is an essential nutrient for iron absorption and promotes collagen production that strengthens the scalp.

A deficiency in B vitamins also leads to hair breakage. If you don’t want to take vitamins, you should choose to eat foods rich in vitamins B and C.

There are many types of vitamin supplements in Oliveyoung and on Coupang. It is common for Koreans to multivitamins daily. Maybe you can try taking vitamin supplements daily like the Korean. The price is also cheap. It does not hurt to try taking some essential vitamins to keep your body healthy.

Choosing a Suitable Shampoo

There are many products specialized for treating hair loss and caring for hair damage.

Dr.forhair :



Change your Shower Filter

The water in Korea can contain some heavy metals that are harming your scalp. Buying one of those shower filters from Daiso may help you a great deal in battling hair loss.

I ordered my shower filter on Coupang but if you want some for cheap, you can try it out in Daiso. This is not only to protect your hair but also to protect your skin when you take shower, wash your hair, wash your face, etc… Most Koreans also have one attached to their shower.

Do you have curly hair? Click Here for a guide to curly hair in Korea and some products that can help, especially in the summer months.

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