Haeundae Blue Line Park

Haeundae Blue Line Park is a newly opened tourist zone in Busan! At the whimsical park, you can take playful trolley train capsules along a seaside railway for stunning panoramic ocean views. If you visit Busan, be sure to visit this new attraction!

What is Haeundae Blue Line Park

Haeundae Blue Line Park is the redevelopment of Haeudae’s old railway station. It is a 5km ride along the city’s most pristine beachfront. was designed as a mode of transportation that allows visitors to admire the beautiful scenery, all while minimizing tourism’s environmental impacts. It goes from Haeundae Mipo all the way to Songjeong Beach.

How Much Does Haeundae Blue Line Park Cost?

The price to ride the Haeundae Beach Train is 7,000 won for a one-way, 10,000 for a two-way ticket, and 13,000 for day use. There are discounts available for babies, seniors, and local residents. Click Here for more pricing information.

The sky capsule has a one-way ticket price of 30,000 won, for a round-trip the price is 55,000 for one or two people. 39,000 won is the price for 3 people for a one-way trip, 69,000 round trip. And finally, the price for 4 people is 44,00 won for one-way, 77,000 round trip. Click Here for more pricing information.

They also have a package to use a sky capsule and rail wagon. The prices are 56,000 won for two people, 78,000 won for three people, and 96,000 won for four people. Those are the prices without a discount, the place actually counts with different discounts. There is a 10% off if you visit during the weekend.

Haeundae Blue Line Park: The Stops

Mipo Station

You can think of this one as the first station. Here you can find some street food, like Korean corn dogs, So-tteok, etc. There is also a cafe inside the station and some restaurants in the area.

Dalmaji Tunnel

Dalmaji Tunnel is a rainbow lights tunnel. It provides the perfect background for your Instagram feed. Here you can find more food trucks activities located in the area. If you get out at this stop and walk up the hill, you can find Dalmaji Road. It is known for its cherry blossoms and nature-filled forest.

Cheongsapo Station

The middle of the road. Most of the people go to Cheongsapo station for the food. You can find a lot of seafood restaurants in Cheongsapo Village. Or, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at any of the cafes in the area. 

Daritdol Observatory

Daritdol Observatory is in the shape of a blue dragon and is Cheongsapo Village’s guardian. Be careful when you go there, it has an operating schedule from 9:00 to 20:00 (18:00 during the summer). Some parts of the observatory’s floor are crystal clear. Therefore, you can see the blue sea on your feet. 


Along the Haeundae Blue Line, you can also find Gudeockpo Village. Take a walk near the sea and enjoy any little adventure you can find here.

Songjeong Station

The last stop along Haeundae Blue Line is Songjeong Station (if you started at Mipo Station). Here you can go to Songjeong Beach. Known as a little Wuakiki or Busan’s Hawaii. This beach is famous for surfing. However, you can also enjoy the seafood or drink a cup of coffee while admiring the scenery. At the station, you can find some railroad wagons set up as a photo zone, and the old Songjeong Station.

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