Gwangju to Become Disabled-Friendly City

Gwangju City will invest 158 billion won for four years from this year to make welfare policies for the disabled and become a disabled-friendly city.

The city announced the second total plan for the disabled to build a disabled-friendly city with 42 detailed projects under five major strategies.

The projects include creating jobs for the disabled with the aim of hiring 740 employees. In addition, it plans to establish a system to address domestic violence against women with disabilities and to support the self-reliance of young people with disabilities. It will provide various programs and facilities related to the culture, education, and sports sectors.

Regarding the comprehensive plan for disabled policies, the city will conduct a survey on disabled people who are in the blind spots of welfare and will develop policies based on the results to re-establish a support system for each type of disability.

Source: Gwangju City Government