Gwacheon National Science Museum, South Korea – PART 1

Brief background of Gwacheon National Science Museum

One of Korea’s best science museum, a National Science Museum located in Gwacheon. As a landmark facility representing Korea’s advanced science and technology capabilities. It opened its gates to the public in 2008.

Gwacheon National Science Museum © Kwangmo / wikimedia

Gwacheon National Science Museum strives to encourage young visitors to become interested in arts and shares with the public scientific principles that govern our daily lives. The main building of Gwacheon National Science Museum is shaped like an aircraft taking off, symbolizing science leading the way to the future. The main building has five open-run exhibition centers: Basic Science Center, High-tech Center, Children’s Experience Center, Natural History Center, and Traditional Science Center. Nearby are the planetarium, observatory, outdoor exhibition venue, and insect ecosystem center. Over 50% of the exhibition items on display are interactive, allowing visitors to jump in and experience science first-hand using their minds and their imagination. The museum is one of the leading institutions of its kind worldwide.

Variety of amazing exhibitions 

I don’t know about you, but I have been a little bit of a science geek ever since I was little. If you’re like me, seeing a grand and huge science museum like this in Korea, you can’t miss out on this!

This museum got featured in a Running Man episode. In episode 4 and 5. I knew about the place from that episode and I thought to myself, I have to go there!

Let’s go into what type of exhibitions are there at the museum. 


1. Basic science hall

The Basic Science Hall is a great place for parents to introduce young minds to basic principles and theories of natural science using their eyes, ears, hands and body. It consists of 110 exhibits that dabble in physics, chemistry, biology and earth science.

They provide 70 hands on interaction exhibits. Examples are, typhoon and earthquake simulators. Full body suits are available at the typhoon simulators so you don’t have to worry about getting wet.

At this hall, have exhibitions that explain the fundamentals of every science theory ever existed. For example, they have exhibits that explain how electricity was created, properties of waves and how they work and many more. 

Typhoon experience: the wind speed can go up until 30m/s.

This typhoon simulation came up in the running man episode. Typhoon is a combination of rain and really strong wind. 

In the running man episode, the cast went trough the experience and it looks like a fun one! You will be able to spot the typhoon experience near the entrance of the Basic Science Hall. 

As you can see in the photo above, they provide you a full body suit to keep yourself dry during the experience. 

2. Korean Science and Civilization hall 

If you’re someone who enjoy learning about the history of Korea and how it has developed over the years, you will enjoy this hall. 

Exhibitions offered at the Korean Science Civilization Hall

The Korean Science and Civilization Hall looks at science and technology in Korean civilization. Science and technology bloomed during the Korean civilization. As science and technology developed, civilization became more prosperous.

Science and technology have been an important foundation for the politics, welfare, economy, culture, arts, and military that make up civilization. Our interest in science and technology is shaping the future of Korean civilization.

3. Natural History Hall 

In the natural history hall, you can see dinosaur and fossil exhibits. It shows you how the earth was 46 million years ago. A time travel experience that you would not want to miss out. 

This would be the perfect opportunity to plant interest of archeology into kids. 

4. Advanced science and technology hall 

If you like the subject Chemistry, you will LOVE this hall. I’m not biased on this because I’m doing my degree in Chemistry… (maybe I am). 

But yes, this hall offers a lot of chemistry related exhibits. You will learn about and get to see Chemistry experiments like you have never before.

Besides that, you will also get to see the history of the best scientists and people that have made huge contributions to the development of science.


1. Children’s hall 

This hall offers children friendly activities. In the running man episode, you can see a section of this hall. In the episode, the team is required to play a melody of a song on that keyboard to pass a mission.

You can have your go at this keyboard when you visit the museum. It looks so much fun!

This museum is really huge. Explaining the charms of this museum in one post would be too lengthy and is an eye sore. Therefore, I’ve decided to split this into two posts, so you can see the beauty of this museum better before your visit.

The next post part two of this, will be the continuation of the outdoor attractions of the museum and more information of the museum.

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