Gunsan Modern History Museum: Time Travel (Part I)

Get ready to time travel, since in Gunsan Modern History Museum you will feel as if you were in the past!

Gunsan is a city where a lot of important historic events happened. Plus it had a major role in international trade. Because of this, there are tons of museums where you can learn about it. However, this museum, is one of the most famous. As it shows you about the past in such an interactive way. For example, there is an exhibition hall in the third floor. Which shows you the life back then with some relics and replicas of the buildings.

With this in mind, you might want to add this place to your bucket list! So now, let us introduce you this museum in depth.

A must visit museum

And the reason to why you must visit this museum, is that you can learn deeply about the history of Gunsan. As it shows its scars and their painful past. So as their improvements in such an interactive way. Since they use immersion education to let us know about it.

As soon as you enter, the first thing you will get to see is the Eocheongdo Lighthouse (어청도등대). Which was built by Japan for political purposes. Needless to say, this is a famous photo spot due to its value.

But the highlight of this place, is for sure the third floor. As you can experience the modern life in their exhibition hall.

Now get ready to time travel, because in Gunsan Modern History Museum you will feel back in the past.

First floor

Maritime Logistics Museum

In the first floor you can learn about the past of Gunsan, which was the center of logistics and international trade ports. The present and the future as well.

The topics that you can find in this zone are:

  • International Trade Port Gunsan
  • Life and Culture
  • Sea Distribution Center
  • Modern Trade
  • Sea and Culture

Therefore, you will get to see how Gunsan has lived since prehistoric times. And its important role as a port.

You can find many replicas and relics as well. From these, what stands out is the big ship at the middle. Which symbolizes Jo Woon-sun (조운선). A ship that carried taxes collected from the people to the city.

In the last section, you can learn about the history of Gogunsangundo. Which talks and shows the evidence that people began to live on the islands since the prehistoric age.

Immersion education

One good thing about museums in South Korea, is that most of them have a zone for immersion education. Where kids can easily learn about history through games or story telling. Here is not an exception. And there are even video games! For example, the one that it is on the ship. Where you can follow the path this ship used to go by.

There are also interactive maps. Where you can see how Gunsan was in the past.

As we mentioned before, there is story telling. You just need to approach this type of place. Where you can hear the audio.

Needless to say, it is a great experience to come with kids. Since they get to know about history in a fun way.

Second floor

Photo zone

As soon as you reach the second floor, you will find a photo zone. About the movement of independence. Usually, there are traditional clothes there for people to wear. But at the time I went, they did not have them.

The resistance of Okgu farmers ㅡ Memorial hall

In this exhibition hall you can learn about the Okgu Peasant Uprising. Which took place on a farm in Seosu-myeon, Okgu (二葉社) in November 1927. And was a major resistance movement by peasants. Who endured the severe exploitation of Japanese landlords.

In other words, this is an anti-Japanese independence movement. Where Korean peasants actively participated against the Japanese police. Because of this, it holds importance.

Donor exhibition hall

The donor exhibition room is a space that was created to commemorate the will of those who donated relics. Owned by individuals and organizations.

Because of this, you can even find equipment that was used by the Joseon royals.

Next part…

The third floor is the highlight of this place. Therefore, we recommend you to read the following article. Where we talk about it!

If you are not convinced yet, let us show you a picture! It indeed looks cool, does not it?


This place is located in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province.

Address: 1-67 Jangmi-dong, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do

How to get there:
From Gunsan station, you can take bus no. 17, 18 or 19. And wait for 26 stops. Then, you must get off in the bus stop ‘근대역사박물관’. Where you need to walk straight until the next street.

Schedule: From Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 ~ 17:00


In the Gunsan Modern history museum, you feel as if you were doing time travel. As you can learn a lot of the past. Because of this, we suggest you to visit this place. Especially if you are a big fan of history.

In case you have already gone, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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