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Greem Cafe Seoul: 2-D Aesthetics Reminiscent Of A Cartoonist’s Notebook

Imagine entering a stellar café that’s just too good to be true. While you might think Greem Cafe Seoul is just another uprising to Korea’s already established eateries, there’s a lot more in store.


At the same time, the owners of this aesthetically pleasing café had to ban photography during its opening stages. And that’s because visitors simply came in to admire ‘the look.’ Yes, Greem Cafe Seoul’s appeal relates to a cartoonist’s dream. Every nook and corner appears as if it was an illustration that came to life.

Instagram: @greem_cafe

With time, popularity grew and social media was abuzz with Seoul’s latest coffee venture. And with interior design like that, patrons would need to make purchases before setting out on a photography exploration.

If you ask us, coffee and fantastic views- they truly spell magic. And as a coffee shop like no other, one visit is an absolute must, when in the metropolis.

How do I get there- Greem Cafe Seoul

You can arrive at your destination easily via the following routes:

Walk out from Hongik Univ. Station (Line 2, Exit 2). Cafe Yeonnamdong 223-14 is 18 minutes walking distance from the station.

Address: 223-14 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul


Sway into the world of Two Dimensional Greatness

When we say visiting Seoul is incomplete without a visit to this destination, we mean it wholeheartedly. Situated in the heart of Seoul, this place is incomparable to any other eatery.

Upon entering, you’re transported into a world that screams 2-D magnificence. And that’s supported with blissful inspiration from Korea’s renowned animated web series- W.


Meanwhile, the restaurant focuses on simplicity and neat and clean vibes. Although slightly narrow from the inside, the walls, and counters, not to mention the furniture release a unique appeal. Moreover, the forks, knives, and even glasses reminisce of 2-D illustrations.

For many, even the brilliant concept is overwhelming to say the least. And it’s safe to say, the designers have instilled visual greatness sublimely.

Greem – What’s in a name?

First things first- a lot of visitors question the true meaning behind the name for Seoul’s most popular café. Well, in Korean terminology, Greem represents painting or a cartoon. 

On the other hand, don’t get confused because it’s also commonly referred to as café Yeonnam- Dong 223-14. And for those curious, that’s the actual location for the hotspot.


While the glorious esthetics and worthwhile concept attracts hundreds of tourists and locals around the board, the marketing manager has one thing to say. And that’s related to how the café’s design isn’t’ simply a gimmick to get plenty of customers into the door.

At the same time, it’s not about one person’s personal passion for cartoons. Instead, he explains how this place is a ‘café that attenuates to experience.’ And rightly so because it’s all about getting unique memories in the most memorable setting.

A magical blending of illusion and reality – Greem Cafe Seoul

If you’re an expert on interior design or one searching for raving reviews via Instagram- Greem Café Seoul is going to win hearts for days.

Meanwhile, the subtle contrast of dark outlines combined blissfully with white surfaces illuminates greatness. It’s almost as if the entire effect was ripped from a cartoonist’s notebook.

And no, it’s not a coincidence. The original creators wanted to build upon the idea projected in W. But what’s the story all about in the first place?


Well, W. revolves around a tale where a man is caught in between two distinct worlds. You have the real world and then you have an alternative cartoon reality. To help give it that feel, designers combined flat line aesthetics in almost everything.

From the counters and chairs to the cutlery too- you can’t mistaken the true theme at large. And for many, the 2-D wonder is a real fascination.

3-D human beings smiling away in a 2-D setting

A quick search on social media and beyond will reveal how this destination isn’t renowned for its coffee. No, we’re not saying the coffee isn’t worth it, we’re saying it’s more popular for uncanny selfies and poses for days.


You’ll be witnessing visitors sitting on chairs that appear as if they’re designed from paper. Let’s not forget how they’re sipping on matcha and countless lattes from what appears as flat mugs. How cool is that?

Coffee, food, and relaxing bliss

As far as the delectable menu is concerned, there’s plenty on offer. Other than the coffee, of course, we recommend the fluffy pancakes and indulgent tiramisu. Did we mention the mouthwatering fruit toast? With a warm cup of tea, it’s food heaven!

Above all, this destination is doing so well that it’s even expanded into a larger space down the street. And here, you’ll find even more thrilling places for selfies.


In particular, don’t forget to pose away shamelessly on a roof terrace that’s complete with a stylish two-dimensional clothesline and innovative furniture! Yes, everything is possible in the world of Greem.

With such a remarkable signature style, it’s no wonder why Greem Cafe Seoul is a class apart from others in the city’s coffee scene. And for this reason, a warranted visit is an absolute must!

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