Go Second Hand Shopping In Seoul

Where To Go Thrifting in Seoul

Nowadays, it is trendy to go thrifting. Korea is no exception to the rest of the world and there is many options in Seoul to go secondhand shopping. Also, second hand shops are nice places to find unique souvenirs. Today, I will share with you some tips and some good address to find the best vintage items ! If you need more info about thrift store in Korea, you can check YO’HOMERGIRL youtube channel.


Vintage Store

The easiest shops to find in order to do “secondhand” shopping are vintage stores. They are not cheap but if you are searching for “rare” and “unique”, it’s the place to go. In those shops you can easily find branded items (like Gucci, Levis, Louis Vuitton etc) but at a reduced price ! There is vintage shop all around Seoul, you can find some in every “shopping” area like Hongdae, Sinchon, Gangnam, Myeongdong etc… Just type “vintage” into Naver Map to find some around you.


Address: Vintage Salon, 124 Eoulmadang-ro Mapo-gu Seoul

This is my favorite address in Hongdae, as it is the best one to find luxury items for a very good value.


Second Hand Shop

If you are searching for good deals, like Goodwill or Value Village in the States, there is second hand shop that are not only selling good brand clothing. Those shops are located a little bit everywhere around Seoul but mainly around Gangnam. Here are some names of shop you can find: Vinprime, The Beautiful Store, The Salvation Army… Those shops are less organised than Vintage shop so if you are willing to really search to find the best pieces, it’s the place for you !


Address: Vinprime, 705-1 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

This shop is one of the biggest and they often have some dedicated parts for good value items. If you like searching it’s the nicest shop.

Bonus Tips : If you want have time and want to see many options in the same place, up from the famous Gwangjang Market on level 2 the whole floor is dedicated to secondhand shop.


Dongmyo Flea Market

This is for the one who wants to go secondhand shopping outside ! This market is open starting 2 PM during weekdays and 10 AM during weekends and close before the sunset. This flea market is composed of hundreds of street stalls but it’s not only second-hand clothes, you can also find antiques, records and various items. The market is the best place to find good deals as you can also bargain easily. Most of the clothing are big piles so do not hesitate to dig through it.

Dongmyo is not the only flea market in Seoul but it’s the only one open all year round. If you are searching for another place, you can look for : Seoul Folk Flea Market, Seocho Saturday Flea Market…


Dongmyo Station, Line 1 or 6, Exit 3.

Then walk less than a minute to find the entrance of the market

Bonus Tips: They are closing every 2nd and 4rd Tuesday each month. Also bring in some cash money.

Do not hesitate to share with us if you have any other address to go thrifting. You can also share with us your good deals. My best thrift deal was a pink bomber jacket for only 10,000 won !

🇫🇷 Lucille Menna

, a young french girl who fell in love with Korea back in 2016. I am now living the dream of being an expat in the exciting city Seoul.