Go animal free- Vegan Cafes in Seoul

Ever thought of becoming a vegan? If not, are you not curious of what vegan food taste like? Because I am very curious about it and I always want to know how can animal free food taste better than the food we are eating on daily basis. Believe it or not the result did surprise me! Thanks to infinite creativity from many vegan, we get to taste more and more mock up vegan food. Which helps us to learn that we can actually survive without animal products. And there are several vegan cafes in Seoul we can try out!

After my first vegan food tryout, I have been anticipating every vegan cafe discover in Seoul with my vegan friend. Additionally, I have learned the importance of reducing meat and animal products in our diet. So why not go animal free sometimes by exploring some of the vegan cafes in Seoul?

Plant Cafe

Address: 서울시 용산구 이태원동 130-43 2층 / Itaewon-dong 130-43 2F, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The atmosphere

Plant Cafe and kitchen is the first ever vegan eatery I have visited. They are located in Itaewon, the heart of Seoul where many restaurants serving various kinds of international dishes are flooding the district. They promised to serve 100% plant based food to every customer and promotes healthy and sustainable food for the community.

The interior of the place is homely and comfortable decorated with plants, cute cushions and earth coloured wooden furniture. You can feel the tropical vibe in this light and airy space. From starter, main, to dessert and even alcohol drinks, they serve every food that you could possibly find in any other restaurant in 100% plant based version. I was not able to believe what I was eating was completely vegan as they did not taste any different from what I have tasted before.

The food

I went to the shop with two of my friends and we ordered some of the recommended dishes from the menu. The Power Green Smoothie(8000won), Plant Cheese Burger(14,000won), Tempeh Rainbow Wrap(13,500won), and Breakfast Burrito(13,000) all taste amazingly delicious. The smoothie were made with soy milk but they provide options with both soy and almond milk, which is perfect for someone with lactose intolerant who struggle to find dairy free drink in cafes around Seoul.

Power Green Smoothie, Plant Cheese Burger, Tempeh Rainbow Wrap, and Breakfast Burrito all looking so delicous.

The three of us shared all the dishes together and we had to agree that all of them were really lovely. However, if I were have to pick one, my favourite would be the Tempeh Raibow Wrap as you get to see all kinds of colourful vegetable combinations they stuffed in and the vegetables make a good companion with the pan fried tempeh stuffed inside. The chips that comes along as a side was credibly crunchy and I finished the whole plate with almost no guilt. Our lunch was very enjoyable as we ended up sitting in the place for over 2 hours. I am really looking forward to my next next visit with my friends to Plant.


Address: 서울시, 용산구, 신흥로 59 / Shinheung-ro 59, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The atmosphere

Vegetus was a recommendation from my vegan friend. It is located at the near end of Haebangchon and is rather a restaurant than a cafe. The place has only a few table and is definitely not for big group more than 10 person. Their menu provide a decent selection of items and they even have a display fridge cabinet filled with various sweet looking cakes and baked goods.

The food

They serves a variety of western dishes and the two of us decided to order only one side and one from the mains. It was because both of us were still a little full from our brunch at home before the meet up. Ingredients used in each dish are clearly listed down on the menu. They even mention if the dish is gluten-free or nut-free. We decided to try their Mac&Cheese and Nacho Chips.

 The cheese in Mac&Cheese uses the same sauce as those drizzled on the Nachos Chips, which used cashew nut as their main ingredients.

Their cashew cheese sauce does not taste like real cheese but is definitely creamy enough for me to indulge. Whether or not if you are a vegan, Vegetus is a place worth giving a try as not only they provide good food, their workers are also very friendly and outgoing!  

Nammi plant Lab

Address: 서울시, 서초구, 방배동, 455-20 / 455-20 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The atmosphere

Nammi PlantLab is the first I had to wait for seat among the other vegan restaurants I have visited. However, I think they deserved the hype according to my amazing dining experience there. The space along with the service attitude of their waiters, was bright and lively, making anyone who is possibly there feel welcomed and comfortable to dine.

The Food

We were served a complimentary appetizer of sourdough bread with salsa, guacamole and a dash of balsamic vinegar served on top, which did a perfect job in boosting my appetite before the meal.

They are famous for their plant based pizzas and a selection of pastas but their menu definitely includes other popular choices like salads, burgers and crepes.

After a breeze through the menu along with some serious discussion, we settled on Nammi Tomato Fettuccine(12,000won) Margherita Pizza(15,000won). Firstly, The pasta tasted so good it gave me an illusion of eating one with mince meat in it.

As for the pizza, there were vegan “cheese” on it and they taste incredibly lovely too. Despite not having to know what ingredients it consist of, I think they were creamy and slightly nutty from my memory.  

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