Getting A Scholarship At A Korean University: Top 7 Choices

South Korea is known for its educational growth and programs. The South Korean government provides education to its citizens. South Korean people also consider education as the most important part of life. They believe education is a must. The country has a literacy rate of 99 percent. In such an environment, getting a scholarship at a Korean institute is a great chance.

Korea has many reputable institutes. They attract students from all around the globe. Getting a scholarship at a Korean institute seems like an amazing choice. In this article, you will see the best programs and the best institutes to get a scholarship.

Read below and learn about the best choices of getting a scholarship at a Korean university. 

The Undergraduate Korean Government Scholarship

As the name suggests, this program was introduced by the South Korean Government for undergraduate students. The main purpose of this scholarship is to attract foreign students to South Korea. It allows foreign students to learn more about Korean society. Through this, they can be useful to it. The best part of this scholarship is that it covers the whole cost.

The cost includes tuition fees, traveling, and living expenses, etc. The program also covers other expenses. These include medical insurance, monthly allowance, language training lessons, etc. This scholarship is linked with the top universities of Korea. Any international student getting this scholarship can study in any of those universities. 

Undergraduate students can apply in October-November every year. You can apply either through the embassy, or the university. 

Seoul National University For Graduates And Undergraduates

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Seoul National University is the top educational institute in South Korea. Furthermore, it is the most prestigious university in South Korea. Every child of South Korea dreams of going to study at this institute. Seoul National University also has a memo of understanding with 700 educational institutes around the world. This scholarship program allows students to apply for undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D.

The competition for this fully-funded scholarship is very tough. Only some smart students manage to get this scholarship. 

The Undergraduate students can apply in January-February and June-July every year. The Masters and Ph.D. students can apply in February-March and August annually. 

Yonsei University for Undergraduate program

This South Korean University is known for having a separate undergraduate college for international students. The college is Underwood International College. This also means that most of the courses are taught in English, making it the perfect opportunity for anyone not willing to learn Korean. It’s also a private research university and is among the 3 most prestigious universities in South Korea. It is also among the ivy league universities in Korea. The best part of studying at Yonsei University’s International College is that they hire teachers from all around the world. This makes it a really diverse studying experience. 

You can apply in June-August, October-November, and January-March, for this scholarship program.

Korea University for Graduate and undergraduate program

Korea University Main Hall © Ksiom / wikimedia

This private university in South Korea is well-known for its STEM programs. Their non-STEM programs are also quite good. The university is also one of the 3 most prestigious universities in South Korea. The University is also the first institute in Korean history to offer academic programs in many disciplines. The disciplines included law, journalism, and economics. 

Undergraduate students can apply for their scholarship in August-October and February-April. Graduate students can apply for their scholarship programs in August-September and February-March.

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KAIST for Undergraduate and graduate

The library at KAIST © Nguyễn Tuấn Quang / wikimedia

Developed in 1971, KAIST University is the first research university in South Korea. It is also among the best science and technology universities in the world. Moreover, the Times ranked KAIST as the 3rd best university (under 50 years) in the world. International brands such as Samsung fund the university. The University is also funded by the Korean Government. Every student of KAIST is fully funded, whether Korean or international.

Undergraduate students can also apply for KAIST during the dates of September-January.

Graduate students can apply in August-September and March-April.

Hanyang University

한양대 전경사진 © Hanyang University / flickr

The scholarship program by Hanyang University funds 70 percent of the undergraduate students, getting the scholarship. The scholarship, however, fully funds masters and Ph.D. students. Furthermore, the institution is among the leading private research universities in South Korea. It is also well-known for its STEM programs. 

Students can apply for scholarships at Hanyang University in September and April. 

Kyung Hee University

Kyung Hee Univ. Administration Building(Seoul Campus) © Kys951 / wikimedia

This private university in South Korea is one of the best educational institutes in the country. The university also partners with 434 universities in 69 counties and send its students abroad to those universities. The university is also famous for its traditional Asian medicine college. 

Undergraduates can apply for a fully-funded scholarship in September. Graduates can apply in March-June and September-December.

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