Garrett Popcorn in Seoul

Garrett Popcorn (가렛팝콘샵), for those who do not know, is only the best popcorn you will find in Korea. Although this brand is from Chicago (United States), it is capturing the heart of Seoul citizens.

Garrett Popcorn Brand

I first tried Garrett Popcorn while living in Chicago. And, back then, it was already the best popcorn I have ever tasted. Every kernel is fully covered in the flavor you choose, meaning you will not find one bite that is bland.

While in America I found out that, at least in the country, the brand is well-known. Once I tried it, it was easy to understand why people go crazy for the stuff

After I moved back to Brazil, I was so happy to find a Garrett Popcorn branch at one of the international airports. It gave me hope of not missing this treat too much. However, when I moved here the treat went away. But, now there is a branch here as well!

Now that I am in Korea, I was extremely excited to find out that a Garrett Popcorn store opened in Jamsil, so I gave them a visit. I was so glad to discover that this amazing snack still held to its quality after all these years.

Although the Jamsil branch is small, they easily take care of the flow of customers and even have signature collectible tins.

Popcorn Flavors and Other Products 

At the Jamsil branch, they offer some of the classic flavors. However, as a popcorn lover, I would tell you to start with the classic – Chicago Mix. I understand that for many people, the mix of caramel and cheddar popcorn might sound weird, but it all goes away once you taste how well it matches.

Other flavors are butter, chocolate, plain salt, or even cheddar and caramel individually.

For those who know the store, you know they have collectible tins, Chicago, Garrett (the brand), and other themed cans. At the Jamsil store, you can still acquire these tins. In my opinion, a nice gift if you want to innovate a little.


Garret’s Popcorn is located inside the Lotte Mall, by the Lotte Tower.

For some reason, I always get lost at this mall, so my tip is to find the park between the mall and the tower. Enter through the tower building, go down the escalator, pass through the 7 eleven and through the entrance lobby. Right in front of you, there will be Garret Popcorn (just by this you should know how many times I have been there).

Garrett Popcorn Lotte World (가렛팝콘 롯데월드몰점)

Address:  Lotte World Mall B1 300 Olymic-Ro Songpa-Gu, Seoul
Korean address: 서울 송파구 올림픽로 300 롯데월드몰 B1
Operating Hours: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM


You will not regret trying this popcorn. In fact, your problem will be that all other popcorn is ruined after you try this one. Jokes aside, I really hope this branch works out in Korea, as it is one of my favorite treats ever. I am sure that many other people will enjoy it as much as I do.

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🇧🇷 Dani Quintana

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