Gamcheon Culture Village In Busan

This Village is a must do if you are going to travel to Busan ! It’s one of the most beautiful disorder you can ever get the chance to see. Located in the middle of the mountains, this unrealistic pastel colored village became one of the most touristic place in Busan. Please do not miss on the Gamcheon Culture Village while in Busan !


ADDRESS : 200 Gamnae 1(il)-ro, Gamcheon 2(i)-dong, Saha-gu, Busan

You can access the village using transportation. After taking the subway to Toseong Station on the line 1, head to exit 6 and walk straight until you see a small bus station located in front of Pusan National University Hospital Building. Wait there to hop in the market village bus to Gamcheon Culture Village. You will hear both in korean and english when you arrive.

You could also climb up there but it’s quite high so it is highly recommended to take this small bus on your way up and down. 


The history of the Gamcheon Village starts  back to the 50’s. At this time, thousands of refugees from the Korean War coming from all over the country start living there,. As they arrived in a rush, the houses were built hurriedly and piled on each other creating an immense maze. The pastel colors of the house labyrinth give the village a picturesque side.

Once the industrialization started Gamcheon had almost 30 000 inhabitants but soon people start to move back to other cities and the population got to 8 000. The village was mainly occupied by elderly people and many of the houses were abandoned. 

That’s how in 2010, the local government decided in collaboration with the residents, artists and urban planners to regenerate the village and make it a tourist attraction. But not only they install many arts display, clean the place, open local businesses, promote the area they also helped the locals get their houses fixed. This renovation helped create jobs and incomes for the residents. 

So please do visit this place to help the neighborhood development and get yourself impressed by the sculpture and murals exposed in the narrow streets of the village.



Once you enter the village on your left you will find the information center. There you can purchase a map of the area for 2 000 won. In the map, you will find a fun game. The principle is easy visit the 8 main attraction of the village and search for the stamps. If you can collect the 8 stamps, when you are about to leave the village visit the center and get a surprise gift !


The map will be super useful to find some of the nicest spot like the best rooftop to take shots of the entire village or to check out the main art display exposed. But please do not only follow the map and try to hope on some of the small streets of the village. This is the only way you will get a photo that no one else has ! Those colorful narrow alleys have so much to offer. 


There is a lot of famous art pieces located in the area. You will be able to find most of them if you are following the guide map. Just be aware that some of the art pieces are so loved that you will have to queue to get your own picture of the place. 


Busan is the home of korean street food and Gamcheon Village is no exception to this rule. While walking in the village, do not hesitate to get some snacks as it will also help support the area to survive. Also right at the entrance you should get a condensed milk latte as it’s the must drink of Busan and the best one is here !

We really hope you will enjoy your visit to Gamcheon Culture Village. Please do not hesitate to share with us your favorite spot and your favorite snack !

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