From Seoul to Gangchon and Chuncheon

Gangchon city (강촌)

Have you ever heard about the Gangchon city? Probably, you might have heard about the Gangchon railbike. Apart from the famous rail bike the city is very beautiful and worth a visit. Gangchon city is located not far from Seoul, in fact it takes around an hour and a half to reach it from Seoul with the subway.

So what can you do in Gangchon? There are plenty of things – visit the Gugok falls, take a walk along the river, go to Gangseon temple and last but not least ride the Gangchon railbike!

Gugok falls (구곡폭포)

Gugok falls are natural waterfall, situated in Namsan-myeon area near Bonghwasan mountain.

It takes about 20 minutes on foot from the ticket booth located at the entrance to the last fall. But don’t spend so little time. The path along the falls is spacious and easy to follow.

The place is also surrounded with beautiful nature, so take your time and enjoy the walk. Before reaching the last fall you will have to climb some stairs, but don’t give up as you will be granted with magnificent 50-meter-high cascade.

I visited the falls during Autumn and at that time there wasn’t much water, but hope that during spring or summer the falls will offer a better view.

Operating Hours: Summer season 09:00-18:00 / Winter season 09:00-17:00

Admission fee:

  • Individual: Adults 1,600 won / Teens 1,000 won / Children 600 won
  • Group: Adults 1,400 won / Teens 800 won / Children 400 won

How to get to Gugok falls?

From Gangchon station it takes around 20 minutes by foot to reach the entrance of the falls. You can, also, take bus #50 or #50-1 from the bus station in front of the subway station, but the difference in the operational interval of the buses is big.

Gangseon temple

After visiting the falls take a walk along the river, which is a natural continuation of the falls. The path that follows the river is suitable for both pedestrians and bikers. It crosses the city and continues along an interesting field.

Once I reached that field, I looked on my left side and there was a temple perched on the mountain. It was so beautiful that I made my mind to go up there.

Gangseon Temple

Going back to the city, I recommend taking Pannamu memory road (반나무 추억길). It’s a circular wooden path with a starting point the Ganseon temple and ending in the city. It takes around 10~15 minutes to walk it all. It worth’s a try.

Pannamu memory road
View from Gangseon temple

Gangchon railbike

When the Gyeongchun rail line, connecting Seoul and Chuncheon, was opened on December 20, 2010, the old Mugunghwa train, that travelled this route for 70 years, was replaced. Built on the discontinued train line, Gangchon Rail Park is a popular tourist attraction where visitors can pedal along old railroad tracks while enjoying the lovely Bukhangang River scenery.

Operating Hours

  • Gimyujeong Railbike 09:00-17:30 (17:30 not operated during winter season)
  • Gyeong-gang Railbike 09:00-17:00 (17:00 not operated during winter season)
  • Gapyeong Railbike 09:00-17:00 (17:00 not operated during winter season)

Rental Fees

  • (Gimyujeong Railbike) – Two-seater: 30,000 won / Four-seater: 40,000 won
  • (Gyeonggang Railbike) – Four-seater: 35,000 won
  • (Gapyeong Railbike) – Two-seater: 25,000 won / Four-seater: 35,000 won

You can find more information about the Gangchon railbike on the following sites. Online booking is also available.

Chuncheon city

Have you ever heard or tasted the Korean dish dakgalbi (닭갈비)? Even if you have ever tried it in Seoul or other city in Korea I bet that it doesn’t have the same taste as the one you can try in Chuncheon. In fact, Chuncheon is very well known for the Chuncheon dakgalbi, so if you plan to visit that city definitely try it. The Chuncheon’s dakgalbi is grilled on charcoal, which gives the meat a unique taste.

The Skywalk (소양강스카이워크)

Places that worth a visit are: The Skywalk (소양강스카이워크), 구봉산 카페거리 and of course take your time and explore the city. It’s big enough and interesting for you to spend a full day there.

More information about Chuncheon here:

How to get to Gangchon and Chuncheon?

You need to take the subway Gyeongchun line, but make sure not to mistook it with Gyeogui-Jungang line as they over cross each other for few stations. For Gangchon city get off at Gangchon station, for the Gangchon railbike get off at Gimyujeong station and lastly the Chuncheon station is the last one on the Gyeongchun line.

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