From Hearts Coffee in Seoul

From Hearts Coffee is a franchise with locations all over Seoul that aims to bring you quality coffee at an affordable price. They offer their own brand of coffee and imported desserts that make all the difference.


Since arriving in Korea, I have been on the search for coffee franchises that could be easily accessed, had a nice atmosphere, a unique menu, and is affordable. I wanted it to be a reliable chain that I could go to and sit for a few hours while studying and not burn through my budget.

With this search, I stumbled upon From Hearts Coffee, more specifically, the branch overlooking the Cheonggyecheon, a beautiful stream in the center of Seoul.

From Hearts Coffee

From Hearts Coffee (프롬하츠커피) is quite a new franchise, to be precise, its first location opened in 2016. Now, they have 21 stores, mainly in Seoul. They have traditional caffeinated drinks, frappes, ades, teas, and amazing desserts, including cakes and bingsus. They also brand themselves as a “dessert and bakery cafe”.

From Hearts Coffee’s employees all go through a training process. During that time, they learn all about the job, the brand, and the product being sold. The training is given by certified professionals using standardized courses. The quality and skills of the baristas are one of the main points that set this cafe apart from the rest.


Lusso is From Hearts’ coffee brand that was carefully selected to merge with the cafe’s concept. The strong flavor and light acidity of the coffee make Lusso great for lattes or even expressos.


Seasonal Menu

Among their seasonal menu, From Hearts’ has specialty teas for spring, like their Lemon Ginger Tea and Honey Jujube Tea. I tried the Honey Jujube Tea and it was great, the honey taste was on point, which made the drink have a cozy feeling. All teas at the store cost around 4,500 won.

For winter, strawberry is the main ingredient. Personally, it is my favorite season at the cafe. In particular, I like the strawberry-flavored Ice Flakes, Cream Smoothies, Honey Bread and Latte.

For fall, they work are all about lattes. Then finally, for summer, mango and coconut-flavored drinks are on offer.


Different from many cafes, From Hearts Coffee offers many flavors of bingsu and croffles. Their traditional croffle comes with caramel sauce and whipped cream, which was great. Also, the price was 7,500 won. An absolute steal! Here is a picture:

My dessert order at From Hearts.

For the bakery part of the cafe they offer cookies, scones, dacquoises, ang-butters, cakes (including crepe cakes), and macarons.

My absolute favorite on this list is their handmade butter marshmallow cookies. You can check other desserts that they have by Clicking Here. Many times they have limited-edition baked goods that are not on the normal menu, so it is worth keeping an eye out for new menu items.


From Hearts Coffee is such a great find in the city and they definitely have done “bakery and dessert cafe” the right way. From Hearts is a franchise that is gaining more and more units over the years. And because of that, I would say is a great option for convenient coffee and dessert.

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