Foreign Student in Korea: Part-time Jobs Guide 2022

If you are an international student in South Korea, you will find that one topic everyone is talking about is part-time jobs. Legally earning money as a foreign student is complicated. Mess up, and you may have to leave Korea forever. But, don’t worry too much! Here is everything you need to know about working as a foreign student in South Korea.

Working as a Foreign Student is Complex

Working part-time is perhaps the most heated topic among foreign students. Everyone wants to work to make some pocket money and less rely on their parents’ support. But do you know the law related to the part-time job of foreigners?

If you are found working illegally by the immigration office or police, you may not be accepted for visa extension, visa renewal, or changing of visa status in the future. As a result, you may end up having to leave Korea forever. Scary stuff, right?

This post will give you useful information regarding the law and help you avoid some issues in the visa extension or changing process. This can help avoid the situation where you unknowingly break the law and get caught by the police.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s summer or winter break (방학) can I work freely without a limit on my hours?

👉No, if:

  1. If you go to college without a topik 3, you can only work for up to 10 hours including weekends.
  2. If you are in your freshman or sophomore in university without topik 3, if you are in junior or senior year without topik 4, you are only allowed to work for a maximum of 10 hours including weekends and breaks.
  3. Master’s degree and above: If you don’t have topik 4, you are allowed to only work up to 10 hours including weekends.
  4. D4 students, on weekends or breaks you are only allowed to work 10~12 hours as shown in the table below.

Penalties for Working Illegally in Korea as a Foreign Student

Those who work part-time without registration or have not yet been issued a visa but have been found working by immigration officers or the police. Below is the penalty which is determined by the amount of time spent working illegally.

Under 1 Month of Illegal Work

2 million won

1-3 Months of Illegal Work

3 million won

3-6 Months of Illegal Work

4 million won

6 Months – 1 Year of Illegal Work

7 million won

1-2 Years of Illegal Work

10 million won

2-3 Years of Illegal Work

15 million won

3-5 Years of Illegal Work

20 million won

5-7 Years of Illegal Work

25 million won

Over 7 Years of Illegal Work

30 million won

However, for foreign students, the department can reduce the fine by 30~50%

Additional Penalties

If you are applying for any visas based on a points system, points will be deducted for working illegally. The period of time and the amount earned will play a factor in how many points are deducted. In some cases, after unsuccessfully renewing or applying for a visa with a working violation, you may be unable to legally enter Korea again.

For foreign students, in order to avoid illegally working which can affect your visa renewal, you should apply for a part-time job at the migration. You can come to the immigration office or apply for a part-time job online through Hikorea.

If you are graduating from a university in Korea and would like to remain in the country, Click Here to learn about the D-10, job-seeking visa.

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