Foreign Dating Apps in Korea

I believe the majority of readers here are old enough to use dating apps. The two dating apps that I recommend foreigners in Korea to use are Tinder and Bumble. And if you are new to Korea, these two dating apps may even help you find your new best friend. However, you need to be cautious with meeting strangers and be fully equipped with sex education before you start using these dating apps. The risk of getting STDs and meeting those with bad intentions is unfortunately very high.

Dating on Tinder

When I first swiped on Tinder, I was so surprised by how it is used by Korean men. It is not like other countries where Tinder is used to find your potential partner.

Mostly F Boys & ONS

Tinder in Korea is almost exclusively for one-night stands. On most profiles I see men flexing their bodies, their faces, and their cars with a caption stating exactly what they are looking for – ONS.

There are a lot of handsome men there but be cautious when a lot of pictures are carefully edited. Some of them are only available for Korean-speaking individuals. Then, there are the ones looking for “language exchange”, and some are looking for potential partners (however, it is the minority in this dating app).

Words of Caution

There is a chance for you to find a meaningful relationship on Tinder with a Korean man. However, it is quite slim. Be careful! You can fall into a trap if you are not careful about who you are texting with. In particular, do not share your personal details with any strangers on Tinder and always choose a crowded place as the first date. After many stories within the foreign community, you should be extremely careful if someone asks you to go to a quieter place to talk. It can lead to something like a motel on the shady side of the city, or a situation that puts you in danger.

Conclusion: Good for Trying the Dating Pool

Tinder in Korea is where you can see a lot of Korean men blending with some English teachers and army people. It will be good if you only want to have a taste of the dating pool here in Korea.

Dating on Bumble

Bumble is where you can find army people and English teachers more than Koreans. Funny thing is, I found my bestie here on Bumble.

Finding Your Bestie on Bumble

If you ever get tired of the dating app, you can switch it to BFF mode and talk to different people. People usually say that they are lonely in Korea, a foreign country. If that’s the case for you too, then this Bumble is a good place to find friends.

You can text each other first before you decide to meet each other. Especially, for someone who always goes to work and doesn’t want to drag coworkers into their personal life, Bumble will lead you to people that have no connection with your workplace.

Words of Caution

Back to the dating option on Bumble. Be cautious when you talk to strangers because bad people are everywhere regardless of nationality and gender. And as a woman, you should prepare to text first if you are interested in anyone. It is a rule on Bumble that women have to text first to start a conversation.

Conclusion: Bumble is Best for Dating Foreigners

All in all, this is where you will see more foreign men than Korean men. This is best for those who prefer to date foreigners rather than the local people.

Sometimes, dating adventures don’t always go as planned. If you find yourself needing a Plan B or free STD testing, Click Here for more information. However, maybe you weren’t able to meet anyone you’re interested in on the above two options. In that case, Click Here for more Korean saving apps.

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