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Football Faentasium- A Heaven for Soccer Fans

South Korea has been improving on its locations, sites and various other places throughout their country to increase the love and interest of their citizens. Not just this, but the more they’ve changed their infrastructure and everything else, for the betterment of its country, and for the sake of money through tourism, the more they have succeeded in getting the tourists attention worldwide. As a soccer fan, I would like to introduce Football Faentasium in Seoul.

The country has an intense history of football as well as the game was introduced in early 90’s right after it’s freedom from colonization. South Korea has hosted the World cup in 2002 as well.  The country has dedicated a place for the love of the game in the shape of a Football Faentasium.  

In this blog, we will explore the Football Faentasium and tell you all about it down below.

What is it, where’s it located?

Seoul being the capital of South Korea, has all sorts of entertainment and different sites, Football Faentesium being one of the most popular ones. For all the die-hard fans of football, this is a must-see place. If you’re planning to go to Seoul once this pandemic is over, keep this on your list on top! You will not regret it.

Location: Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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What to expect at Football Faentasium

Best believe it’s not just a Football Faentasium but let us tell you in detail what this has

  • So this ‘museum’ comprises various events happening back to back. Tickets are available all the time for this, online and in-person. You just have to present your I.D there.
  • Virtual Reality experience is a big yes for this Fantesium.
  • You get to learn about your favorite football players and their amazing moments in the field of football.
  • South Korea is very famous for the history of football. So this Football Faentasium provides all the info you need to know about it.
  • The process of the South Korean national football team forming and their excellence is also shown in this Faentasium.
  • There are specific events that give you training for certain kicks and of specific players, through your virtual reality headset, too.
  • You can get to learn how to kick a ball, handle the ball at the first touch, how to free kick, corner kick as well as the proper way to successfully get your ball in the net a.k.a how to make a proper goal in the football field.
  • You’ll also get to experience how to be a goal-keeper. And that will teach you penalties and how to block an amazing shot kicked at you. Also, how to block the opposite team from getting points.
  • Mascots are available, you can take pictures with them for free.

Basically, for all the football lovers globally, this Football Faentasium is a dream come true!

More offerings of Football Faentasium

  • Virtual reality activities with headsets given.
  • Team cheers and songs available for you to learn from.
  • World cup songs of all teams are also available.
  • Football framework for kids and adults is present there for you to learn how to kick and all.
  • The moment you step in the area of Mapo-gu, Seoul, you’ll feel football in the air. And we mean that in the most positive way possible!

Tickets and pricing

Tickets to get to Football Faentasium before was 15,000 SKW (South Korean Wong) but these days, probably because of COVID-19, the tickets are on sale for as low as 12,000 W. You get to save up to 20%.

The precautionary measures are fully taken during this pandemic for the visitors.

Masks, gloves etc are also available outside the Football Faentasium.

So if you’re planning to go, you have to be extra careful. But better wait until this pandemic is over so you can fully, thoroughly enjoy this museum of goodness in the best way possible! It will be real-life dream especially if you are a hardcore fan of football!

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