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Florian Krapf was one of the few foreign contestants in the hit Netflix series, Physical:100. Physcial:100 is a Korean competition show in which various professional athletes and performers with exquisite physical strength go head-to-head, overcoming various challenges. Within the first few episodes of the series, Florian managed to charm viewers, not only with his good looks, but also with his outgoing personality and positive attitude – but, who is this bright up-and-coming foreign actor in Korea? Let’s find out!

Who is Florian Krapf?

Florian Krapf is a foreign resident of South Korea, originally from Germany. Currently, he is 30 years old, born December 17, 1992.

Back in Germany, Florian was already a model. Once he made the move to South Korea, he began being approached by entertainment agencies. Wanting to work in entertainment, modeling seemed like a good way into the industry.

However, his ultimate goal is to help change the image of Germans here in Korea, using entertainment as a tool. The image of Germans is that they are expressionless and quite strict – Florian Krapf is the exact opposite of that. And so, he has continued to prioritize his Korean language skills so that he can fully showcase his personality. Florian would like to become somewhat of a comedic entertainment personality, making funny jokes and giving off positive vibes.

Interview: Preparing for Physical:100

How did you get on the show? What was the audition process like?

One of the writers contacted me directly via SNS (social media). So it was more of an “I got casted” situation rather than an “I went to the audition or casting” kind of thing. Though still, I filled out the application form and went to the interview.

Even though from a sports-wise view I’m not such a talent (when compared to) all of the other participants, I still made the cut, maybe because they were also looking for diversity and, at least I hope, it’s also because I’m a funny German guy!

How do you stay in shape? Is there anything you did to specifically prepare for filming?

For the filming? No, not really! I even did de-loading because I thought it might be best to give my body some rest before the show in order to perform better.

But in general, I always try to stay in shape year around, though it doesn’t always work perfectly. There are times when I can’t help it and give in to all of the delicious food out there. Suddenly I eat 10,000 calories in a day after having pursued a diet for far too long.

However, usually (I do) three to four hours of sports a day, and a strict diet where I mostly try to stick to the protein my body needs and the calories are low in order to be in a deficit. Strict but still not too strict. It’s an 80/20 thing. 80% eating clean, 20% more or less what I want to.

Interview: BTS of Physical:100

What was your first impression when you saw the people you would be competing against?

“So, where is the exit?”
I mean for real, most of them looked ten times more buff than me, even the female entrants. I was a bit worried about myself!

“Will I be fine? Am I going to break my arms and legs?”
But still, life is a challenge! You gotta challenge yourself if you wanna grow! So I still didn’t let down my spirit!

Can you name some memorable contestants in terms of their endurance, physical, and mental strength?

Well, for me, in terms of mental strength, I think I am quite strong! But, I was amazed by the high schooler! He is still attending high school but is such a beast when it comes to Taekwondo! Seriously, if he really wanted to he could have maybe broken his contestant’s neck during the first match! However, he didn’t because he was also humble and nice at the same time.

Endurance? Anyone who held out longer than I did (on the first challenge) I guess? Lol
I mean hanging down from that bar! That was brutal!
I didn’t want to waste all of my energy like that on the first trial game because we didn’t know what was awaiting us for the first elimination game.
Respect to anyone who showed the endurance and willpower to stay up there for so long.

Were there any moments when staff or other competitors helped you out, or made you feel welcome?

All of the participants were super kind. Even though some participants came off a bit rude on the show, such as BULKUP (뻘크업) because of the way he spoke, he was still a really great guy who was caring and polite behind the scenes.

For me, I was in the same waiting room as Agent H and let me tell you, he is such a damn cool guy! He is straightforward, honest, and always willing to give advice if needed. In the waiting room, he was openly sharing his honest thoughts about what might work for the first elimination game. That was before we had filmed, but after we knew what was waiting for us – the courts and duelists were already selected.

What was the most challenging part of filming the show for you?

Mentally, I was really scared when waiting for my turn for the first elimination game. I mean, of course, nobody had any bad intentions or wanted to hurt their opponent. But still, people were fighting for their pride and also for the prize money, right?

However, I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t hurt myself, and especially not my opponent. There is nothing more precious than one’s health. Also, I had made a promise to my girl that I wouldn’t hurt myself during the show even though in the end, I did. My knees and elbows were all bruised and my skin opened up (as a result of the first elimination game).

Also, what was challenging for me was that we filmed during the 200-day anniversary of the relationship between me and my girl. Filming was running late so I was super concerned because I really wanted to be with her and celebrate our special day. So, I had to make a choice: either do the interview after the first elimination game to capture final impressions or just go to my girl before the day ends.
I chose my girl of course.
That’s why there are no interview scenes reflecting on my performance during the trial and first elimination game. But, I have no regrets since nothing is more precious to me than her.

Interview: Takeaways from Physical:100

Did you learn anything about yourself throughout the course of the competition?

Never underestimate anyone. Gender, race, age, nationality, or anything else, anyone can make it happen. That’s what we saw a couple of times during the show.

As for myself, many people do not suspect my background seeing my physique today. Until I was 20, I was obese. I weighed 115kg and never did sports – even hated them. Everything changed, I lost 40kg, started doing weights, and discovered my body’s potential. I’m sure that many more things await me!

If there is a season 2, would you recommend others to audition? If so, what should they prepare?

Prepare to die…Just kidding! Bring some extra protection layers with you like bands for your knees and elbows. Other than that, work on endurance and willpower, as you will never know what awaits you.

Future for Florian Krapf

Has the competition impacted your future goals?

Not really! Maybe not doing such competitions anymore? Haha. It was really tough and harsh on my body. If I had hurt myself any further, I might not have been able to do other TV appearances here in Korea. So, in general, of course, it is always tempting to do such adventure shows, but nothing is more important than my own body and health in terms of work (getting opportunities in Korean entertainment). If I am hurt I cannot help anyone, not even take care of my girlfriend and myself.

I still want to be cast for major shows. But, I would like to show that I am more than just a sportsman with a six-pack. I want to show everyone that I am a funny, talkative German guy who speaks Korean well, to some degree.

Future for Florian Krapf

Florian Krapf undoubtedly has bright things waiting for him on the horizon. With such a lovely personality, we are certain he will make the German community here in Korea proud. We can’t wait to see you showing off your jokes and language skills on more shows in the near future! Florian Fighting!!

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