Find Yourself Next to BTS: 5 Popular BTS Spots in Korea

BTS/ Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단)  is one of the best-selling artists that have dominated the world with their phenomenal music skills. With the endless love and support from the ARMY’S around the world, BTS has risen up to fame. They have become the ultimate light to millions of girls and boys around the globe. Did you guys know that BTS contributes half a percent of South Korea’s entire economy? Pretty amazing right? BTS’s fame has led to a sharp rise in pop culture and the global fame of Korean culture. This has ultimately led to an increase in tourism to Korea.

In this article, you will find a few of the thousand places linked with BTS. As you go through each place, you will find yourself living in the very moment with BTS.

1. K-Star Road

K-Star Road which is located in Gangnam-gu is one of the most iconic attractions that symbolizes the Korean Wave (Hallyu). Gangnam became a very famous location thanks to PSY’s ‘Gangnam style’. K-POP fans have been visiting Gangnam to capture their moment with their favorite K-POP group/Idol dolls called the ‘GangnamDol’. In K-Star Road, there are a total of 17 GangnamDols. And what’s special about each of these GangnamDols is that they are signed by the respective Idol group/Individual. This place attracts thousands of fans who look forward to seeing their favorite K-pop doll. The most famous doll as you may have guessed is the BTS doll. Many look forward to meeting their long-awaited heartthrob on this K-star road.

2. Lotte Star Avenue

Lotte Star Avenue located in Myeongdong is a themed display area. BTS dominance in this themed display area is fairly powerful. Because wherever you look, you will find one of the members staring at you through the display walls. Lotte Star Avenue consists of various types of engaging activities related to idols/KPOP groups. When you enter the hallway, you will get to see the handprints of BTS members and other idols. This will be a magical moment for all the KPOP fans out there as they can fulfill their long-awaited moment of coming in contact with their idol, especially BTS. Along the path, they will display interactive videos and songs of BTS and other Kpop groups to exude the KPOP vibe.

3. HYBE Insight

Hybe Corporation famously known as the ‘BIRTHPLACE OF BTS’ is a South Korean entertainment company established in the year 2005 by Bang si hyuk. It was formerly known as Big Hit entertainment, however, after the massive success gained by BTS, they expanded this company into a massive corporation that integrates a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management, and concert production company. What’s unique about Hybe Entertainment when compared to other huge entertainment companies is that Hybe is a place where people can connect and value music while immersing themselves in the fascinating experience provided by Hybe Insight. It has an exhibition area that allows viewers to explore the depth of music created by their artists and their achievements such as the trophy wall. 

Even though this place is on the bucket list of many Army’s, it’s unfortunate to say that it’s quite not simple to visit this place. To visit the palace, you have to make an online reservation prior to your arrival. As it’s closed on Mondays, make sure to check in advance of your arrival. The admission fee is KRW 22000 ($22) per person.

4. BTS Bus Stop

BTS Bus Stop which is located on the east coast of Jumunjin Beach is a popular filming location. This famous Bus stop was featured in BTS’s ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ album cover. This Bus stop as in the album cover expresses peacefulness and conveys the image of their title track ‘spring day’.  Not only ARMY’s but also passersby get attracted to this Bus stop as it gives out the magnetic aura of BTS. Even though this bus stop is referred to as a ‘Bus Stop’, it doesn’t necessarily perform its function as a bus stop but instead, it acts as a photo zone for visitors and diehard fans of BTS.

5. BT21 Universe

You may all wonder what BT21 stands for and What’s its connection with BTS? 

Well BT21 is a collaborative project that happened between BTS and Line Friends in the year 2017. BTS has actively participated in creating 8 attractive characters as a token of this grand partnership.  This collaboration like any other collaboration of BTS didn’t fail to capture the hearts of the youth. With its lively and youthful concepts like thoughtful storytelling, it became a huge success which eventually led to its massive expansion from BT21 to the BT21 universe. There are online and physical shops located across the globe so that people can purchase and experience the new era of animated content and thrilling games. 

🇱🇰 Nipuni Ayagamage

I'm Nipuni from Sri Lanka, living in Seoul since 2018. I'm a travel addict. Exploring new places is my hobby. Coming to Korea has always been a dream of mine.