FilmLog: Disposable Film cameras in Korea

Who said that film cameras were outdated? Introducing Uplog a Korean company that distributes through vending machines both reusable and disposable film camera as well as the appropriate film for very reasonable prices. 

Filmlog Location

They have different locations, in Seoul as well as Jeju, Gyeongju and Suncheon

I went to their physical store in Seoul, they have the vending machine with different film cameras as well as more cameras inside, film rolls and they even have classes and workshops.

As you can see, you can find a wide array of disposable film cameras, different types and sizes of film rolls and a small selection of professional film cameras. If like me you’re new to this kind of cameras, you can find a catalog of photos taken with different types of disposable film cameras which can help you pick one. You can either purchase it directly from the vending machine outside the shop, or have extra guidance on which disposable camera to purchase with help from one of the friendly staff members inside the shop.

If you can’t speak Korean don’t worry, Filmlog’s staff are English speaking and ready to help you when you need it!

My experience with Film camera

After checking the catalog i decided to buy the Filmlog Upcycle Camera Gold 200. As the store was packed, i decided to get it directly from the vending machine. The process is easy, you just select the film camera you want then enter your card for payment! (it costed around 16,000Won)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

22 pictures later, i came back to the store to get them developed. As usual, the staff were very welcoming and explained the process. If you develop the pictures in Standard quality it is for free, which means it is included in the price of the camera. However, if you want to develop them in a High quality, you should pay an additional fee of around ~4,000Won. You can get the pictures digitally sent to your email adresse or you can also keep the negatives.

If you live far, you can send them the camera by mail to their address. You can find instructions in their FAQ section of there site.

The result

Well when i used the flash, the pictures turned out great. But i forgot to press the flash in many of them which turned very dark. Here are a few examples:

Overall, the process was easy and fun. I loved the fact that i didn’t know how the pictures will turn out and sometimes even forget which pictures i took. I highly recommend to try to take a class beforehand to take better pictures and ask the staff for tips.

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