Fashion Chingu: The Best Online Clothing Store for K-Fans

Fashion Chingu is, without a doubt the best online clothing store for K-fans. With shipping available to anywhere in the world, anyone can enjoy K-fashion!


One of the greatest aspects of K-POP is how it manages to catch people’s attention all around the world, despite their background and where they are from. Sadly, it can be hard for some to find places where they can buy stuff related to the artists they love and are inspired by every day. To make people’s access to products easier, online shops are becoming bigger and bigger each day. 

So here I decided to talk about of one those shops, Fashion Chingu. It is getting very popular not only among K-POP fans but Korean culture/entertainment lovers as a whole.

The Store

Fashion Chingu was founded by a German couple who, since 15 years old, were completely in love with K-POP. Noticing how people felt empowered wearing their idols’ styles and related fashion pieces, they decided to help others “boss up” by creating a platform to provide easy access to K-fashion. Actually, one of the founders themselves wanting a jacket their idol wore. Being unable to get it was one of the crucial factors that led to the store being launched!

Fashion Chingu was made to give Kdrama, K-POP, K-ROCK (etc) fans the opportunity to buy great merchandise and allow them to wear the pieces the artists wear but at a very very cheap price and with great quality!

The Clothes

The store is divided into four main categories: KPOP clothes, KDrama clothes, Korean clothes, and outfitsWith their categories, you can find looks worn by your favorite celebrities and wear recreations for yourself at affordable prices.

You can sort by color, idol, size, price, and gender to make your searching and shopping faster and more convenient. 

They even keep track of the most reviewed idols and clothes on the website so not only the staff but also you can know what is trending when you browse to buy. I personally love how they provide not solely everyday clothes, or idols’ airport fashion but also stage outfits as well! That is great if you like to dance and/or cover songs.

Buying on Fashion Chingu

Another aspect that is great about Fashion Chingu is how easy it is to understand the website and browse it. It is simple to create an account and follow all the steps to finish your shopping.

The prices are really super duper cheap, especially when you remember how expensive the original pieces worn by celebrities are. For example, NCT’s Jaehyun’s last Prada airport fashion appearance was around 8,000 USD and you can find almost the entire outfit for just 70 USD. Look-at-that!!!

Plus, they have vast payment options as well, making it very practical to buy anywhere in the world. Speaking of it, if you buy over 60 USD at once, you get free shipping anywhere you are in the world. Yes! Anywhere!

The time it takes to arrive depends on your location, it is important to keep that in mind. Either way, they are really accessible, you can send them an email or even call them! They usually take less than one day to answer your inquiries, even on weekends. 


Fashion Chingu has a platform for those who wish to affiliate with the store and sell/ spread the website. Besides everything said above, you can also make some extra money helping others find the pieces they so much love! 

The online shop is still new but it has been growing significantly in the short term and there is a reason why. Why don’t you give it a try as well?