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Fantasy and Horror Illusions @ Trickeye Museum

Trickeye Museum, Seoul: where your perspective changes with every step. This is a unique museum where paintings come to life and illusions take on a whole new edge, through the use of AR (augmented reality). Trickeye, short for ‘trick-of-the-eye’, offers the thrilling chance for visitors to enter the paintings themselves and interact with the enchanting characters within. Let’s take a look.

Trickeye Museum

There are a total of 65 pieces on display at Trickeye Museum. However, just 10 of these pieces are “conventional artwork” i.e. paintings on the wall or floor. That should tell you already that this is no ordinary museum.

Ice Museum

Starting off with the ‘Ice Museum’ section of Trickeye, a winter wonderland filled with life-sized ice sculptures. That’s right, the whole wonderland is built entirely out of ice, so prepare for chills! Before you enter, the staff will provide you with a smock to keep you warm.

It was amazing to see both adults and children enjoying the Ice Museum, dancing around crystalesque sculptures of penguins, seals, igloos and other figures. Moreover, those in the mood for a chill-thrill can try the 10-metre ice slide!

However, in order to preserve this magical creation its important not to touch the ice-sculptures to prevent melting. Additionally, you should use the cushion and blanket provided before riding the ice slide.

Love Museum (19+ Only)

No need to travel to Jeju when there is a Love Museum right here in Seoul. This section of the museum makes excellent use of the AR technology, allowing for true exploration of what defines love and sex. Here, you’ll find everything from traditional Korean erotica, contemporary sculptures and pieces with a comic theme as well.

Although this section may not be suitable for everyone, the takeaway message was one of self-love and happiness. It’s more wholesome than it looks!

Illusions Beyond Reality

This section of the Trickeye Museum takes on a theme of fantasy, hence the name “beyond reality.” This is definitely the best place to take photos! Furthermore, you can bring your pictures to life via the Trickeye app.

I really loved the dragon illusion. It looked like something out of Game of Thrones!

There’s also an adorable King Kong-style illusion where you’ll see yourself held captive by a huge gorilla. Now that’s one for the photo album!

“Try not to Laugh” Illusions

From fire-breathing dragons to pure whackiness and comedy. If you’ve had a bad day, this section alone is sure to brighten your day.

The Mona Lisa illusion was one of my favourites!

These pieces are also an opportunity for you to improvise! Get creative to make a hilarious photo.

Fantasy Land Illusions

If you didn’t believe in magic, you’re sure to change your mind after visiting fantasy land. The perfect place to live out your childhood dreams, whether its to travel to a make-believe world or attend the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Each piece alludes to moments from famous films and books. Moreover, with the Trickeye app at your fingertips, you can really become your favourite characters.

Lastly, don’t forget to make a wish upon the beautiful supermoon. Often featured in animated films, huge moons like these are only visible through illusion. However, at Trickeye Museum, you can gaze at the moon as if you were right up close!

Location & Getting There

Address: Floor B2 Seogyo Plaza, 20 Hongik-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm everyday
Directions: Hongik University Station (Line 2, Gyeongui Jungang Line, Airport Railroad) Exit 9. Walk straight and turn left at SPAO. Walk straight again and turn right just before Tony Moly. Continue up the alley until you reach Trickeye Museum on your right.

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