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Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Center

Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Mall is the largest underground mall with over 600 stores in Seoul. The 880m long alley is a shopping heaven and a favourite for many shoppers, particularly women. There is rarely a day where the hustle and bustle inside the mall is not at peak levels. Be it weekdays or weekends, the mall rarely experiences empty alleys. The amazing thing about the stores in this shopping complex is that they are not huge areas individually, but still manage to provide variety of products. I mean it when I day, there is no shortage of different designs, colors and what not in the mall. Let us know a bit more about it now.

How to reach Express Bus Terminal ?

The subway station of the Express Bus Terminal directly connects to the shopping complex. You don’t have to exit the station itself. The layout of this mall is really exquisite and simplified. Although, when you visit there first time, it may be a little overwhelming. But do not worry, as it is easy to wander around and explore it.

You can reach the Express Bus Terminal Station using the subway line number 3,7 and 9. If you intend to use the bus, then you can check which bus number visits there along with your location. For me, the bus number 452 is really convenient. Once you reach the station, you can proceed towards the exit 8-1, 8-2 or 8-3. All three of these exits lead into different regions of the mall.

Different Sections of Express Bus Terminal

The subway station in itself is home to 3 different metro lines. It also contains an exit for the Banpo-Hangang Park. Once, you move towards the exit 8 side, you will see many thrift stores and other shops along side. This will assure you of the right direction.

The mall is divided into 2 different kinds of sections.

One section contains the ENTER-6 mall franchise. This is a bit of posh side. Although, the prices here are also not that expensive, but once you go towards the other side, you will feel it too.

This section is the area containing branded show rooms, outlet stores and many restaurants and cafeterias as well. Some of the names are such as ABC mart, Baskin Robbins, Shinsegae Factory Outlet, No Brand and many more.

The other section is known as the Goto Mall. This is one of the largest underground shopping complexes in Seoul. The foreigners are mostly fond of Dongdaemun or Namdaemun Markets but Goto mall is relatively neat and calm than them.

The price range here is as low as 4000 KRW for a piece of clothing. Mind you, the quality of all the stuff on sale here is pretty good. The products are sturdy and dependable.

Layout Plan of Goto Mall

There are a total of 16 exits link to the 2 shopping alleys which run parallel to each other. They are labelled as G1-G16. Once you enter the mall from the exit 8 of the Subway station, you come across the huge central area.

This area has dedicated sitting benches, creative artifacts and plants set up all around. It is really eye-catching.

One extreme end of the mall has the exits G1-4 in a roundabout. There is a food court present and also the way towards the Banpo Hangang park and Sebitseom islands from G2 and G4. A little towards the center the exits G5 and G6 area also present leading to a different art of the Hangang Park.

Don’t worry if you are not good with directions because there are many layouts of the whole mall embedded onto pillars. You can locate yourself easily without any hassle. Even each of the shops has their own unique numbering which will help you keep track of yourself.

Moving ahead, the other extreme end with a food court has the exits G13-16. This area links directly to the Banpo Station on line number 7. There are in total 4 restroom facilities spread throughout the mall. Reaching from one end of the mall to the other might take you around 1 hour if you keep exploring stuff as well. This number may be extended to any extent depending upon the kind of shopping you do.

Types of Shops

The Goto Mall features shops with collections featuring from clothing, shoes, accessories to show pieces, artifacts, home supplies etc.

The 2 rows running parallel to each other have tremendous options for people to choose from. I was totally in awe of how much variety this place has to offer.

The shop owners are nice, friendly and really helpful too. They cater to each customer’s needs individually and make sure we are satisfied.


I recommend this place to anyone who likes to shop on a budget and is wildly fascinated about the variety of products. Do check this place out and enjoy exploring.

Thank you so much for reading my post and sharing my experience. Also, if you like this post, please share your reviews. You can read about my other experiences here. Have a good day and stay healthy and safe !

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