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Exploring an Artistic Jaman Mural Village (자만벽화마을)

Jaman Mural Village located in the ridge between Omokdae and Imokdae along the foot of Seungamsan Mountain’s Jungbawi Rock has been decorated as a happy village full of dreams and hopes. The roads are a fairly steep walk up to Jaman Village. But once you get to the point, you will enjoy the beautiful artistic village with colourful murals painted on houses and walls along the way. Since it is in Jeonju, the Jeonju Hanok Village is also visible from the wide street.

About Jaman Mural Village

The Jaman Mural Village has the artistic designs that harmonize the surrounding environment, such as fairy tales and landscapes and lively flower themes. There are several realistic designs which reflect life and memories of people. The whole village was transformed into colourful and beautiful canvas and generated aesthetic vibes of the whole village with the artistic wall designs.


Jaman Village, along with Hanok Village, Omokdae, and Imokdae, is well-received as a cultural heritage tour course. And the increasing number of tourists visit to see the murals establishing itself as a new tourist attraction. And also, In the KBS2  ‘Family of Love’ TV program which introduces travel destinations, Jaman Village was filmed with Jeonju Hanok Village.

Walking in the artistic vibes

Jaman Mural Village is one of the most beautiful villages with creative street arts. Most of them are Manga or cartoon style drawings but the artistic vibes the village offers are something more than that. So if you like murals and the atmosphere of art villages, I highly recommend that you visit the village. You may find many of your favorite comic figures or cartoon characters on the walls. There are also nice coffee places offering fantastic views of the Hanok village.


If anyone is planning to make the trek uphill and throughout the labyrinth, that is Jeonju’s Jaman Mural Village. This hilltop settlement of painted houses, walls, quaint cafes and little stores is located just across the busy main road from the Jeonju Hanok Village. It can also be accessed via a pedestrian walkway connecting from the Jeonju Hanok Village’s hilltop Park.

Full of painted houses, elaborately decorated walls with murals ranging from brilliant artwork to manga to Hollywood animation. This village is truly an interesting way to spend a couple of hours wandering through its lanes.

Cafes and street stores

There are many cafes that offer views of the Hanok park across the street. And there are tiny stores where you can buy some accessories made by local artists and game arcades as well. For those who wish to stay amidst this uniqueness, you can also find guesthouses and B&Bs there.

A must do is to perch yourself on one of the balconies of the cafes or make your way to any edge of the hill and watch the sunset over the Jeonju Hanok Village Park. I think it is a better way to enjoy the Hanok Village.

How to get there

  • Take a bus bound for Jeonju at Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.
  • From Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal, walk to ‘Geumam Plaza’ bus stop to take Bus No. 163, 190, 191, 429 and get off at ‘Girin-daero Hanbyeongnu’ bus stop.
  • Cross the street to get to Jaman Mural Village.
  • Or take a taxi from the bus terminal to Jaman Mural Village (Estimated travel time is about 10 minutes)
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