Experience the Night of Joseon at Korean Folk Village: ‘Adding Moonlight’ Nighttime Opening from April 7

Korean Folk Village announced that it will hold a nighttime opening event called ‘Adding Moonlight’ from April 7 to November 12 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, where visitors can experience the beautiful night of Joseon.

This year’s nighttime opening features the performance of ‘2023 Yeonbun,’ which combines LED performances and shadow art with the traditional Korean dance ‘Gahwa-mu,’ and has already attracted a lot of attention, with many people waiting in line to watch.

To accommodate the waiting audience, the opening will feature high-quality dance performances, and there are plans to create an interactive performance that will engage the senses of the viewers.

Inside the Korean Folk Village, there are also horror-themed experiences. Last year’s popular social media-driven walkthrough horror experience ‘Gwigul: Bloody Ghost,’ and the longest outdoor horror experience in Korea, ‘Sal-gwi-ok,’ are among the attractions.

In addition, visitors can enjoy various experiential content and photo zones throughout the folk village. Photo zones such as ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Dancheong,’ ‘Yeonbun,’ and ‘Gama’ offer special lighting effects for dramatic shadow photography. The ‘Mokgyo’ photo zone, which is a popular filming location for historical dramas, and the ‘Jigokcheon’ moonlight photo zone are also steady sellers during the nighttime opening.

Other activities include making paper flowers and jewelry bracelets that will light up the dark night when taken as a keepsake.

Nam Seung-hyun, the content planning team leader at Korean Folk Village, said, “We have prepared many contents to showcase our traditional night in a more beautiful way. We hope that visitors will come and create happy memories with their families, lovers, and friends while enjoying the 2023 Yeonbun performance and spring outing.”

Source: Korean Folk Village

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