Ewha Womans Universty

Ewha Womans University

One of my favorite places in Seoul is Ewha Womans University. It is the world’s largest female educational institute . Moreover it is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea. This place is very popular among tourists and locals by its unique architecture, romantic atmosphere, shopping street and delicious food restaurants. It is an equally interesting place to go on dates and to hang out with friends. 

How to get there

You may be asking, how does one get there? The subway is easiest and cheapest way. Therefore take the 성수행 train on the 2nd (Seoul Subway) line to Ewha Womans University station. In Korean it is 이대역. From 이대역, take exit 2 or 3 or 2 to the street that leads to the campus.

Instagrammable Campus

So, what is the most exciting thing about Ewha Women’s University?
First of all, it is The Ewha Campus Complex (ECC). It is Korea’s largest underground campus from basement 6 to 1st floor. This building is famous for its remarkable and sophisticated facade. An interesting fact: it was designed using glass with steel valleys on each side. There are typically many tourists on campus that take cool photos. These days, however, you will likely meet fewer students. Most of  them are students who study there. This will give you more opportunities to explore campus and freely take good photos.

The Best Time to take photos

This campus is especially beautiful at sunset. At nearly 17-18:00 pm it becomes bathed in golden colors. It might offer romantic moments to couples as they to spend their last few minutes of the day.

Secondly, American missionaries of the Methodist Episcopal Church founded Ewha Women’s University. There are many impressive buildings in the Gothic architecture style, that evoke the European atmosphere of centuries long past. Tall buildings with long stairs may be good spot for excellent photos.

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Shopping Street

Thirdly, the fashion street around Ewha Womans University is a very comfortable place to shop with friends for cosmetics, clothes and accessories. There are many fashion boutiques wherein you can find trendy clothes at affordable prices.Also, most of the products are of good quality and in the Korean style.There are many stores that sell famous Korean brand cosmetics as “ETUDE HOUSE, Innisfree, IOPE, Olive Young, It’s SKIN” where you can buy at a discount.

If you get tired, there are many coffeeshops wherein you can order fresh beverages or hot coffee and spend time resting. My favorite coffeeshop is Twosomeplace, where I can order coffee latte and work on my assignments. Many students from nearby universities, especially from Ehwa, come to these coffeshops for study time.

Dining Restaurants

Lastly, there many good restaurants, 맛집in Korean, that serve delicious food for any meal of the day. Sweet Belgium waffles or eggs, ham toasters for breakfast, Chinese or Vietnamese food lunch and Korean traditional food for dinner. I usually go to Korean restaurants for my favorite food, bibimbap. There is a very good restaurant called Yooksam Naengmyeon that serves tasty bibimpab with barbeque meat. This restaurant is an especially good place to try bibim naengmyeon, mulnaengmyeon, meat wrap naengmyeon or in Korean 육쌈냉면 during the hot summer. The price is very affordable, for less than 10.000KRW. For an additional 1000KRW you can also add some fried barbeque meat with the meal.

The Ewha Womans University is the most beautiful, exciting and interesting place . I never get tired of visiting this place in both cold and warm seasons. In my opinion, autumn with lovely falling leaves and spring with amazing cherry blossom are the best seasons to visit Ewha Womans University. I like hanging around there with my friends or with my boyfriend. A lot of good special memories are connected to this place.

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🇰🇿 Dinara Duisenova

Graduate student of International Economics at Kookmin University, Seoul Expat, Feminist and Civic Activist