Escape Room Full of Adventure and Thrill: Dynamic Maze

Last week I got a chance to visit the Dynamic Maze on Jeju Island. It was an experience full of horror, thrill, and adventure. Each step was more suspenseful and full of heart-pounding anticipation. I would like to share this experience of escaping from the MAZE.

Entering Dynamic Maze

Main Entrance

There were two levels of the maze, the first relied on intelligence, and the second, physical strength. First, we bought the ticket and divided them into groups. Our group comprised 4 members, two males, and two females. Luckily we were all members belonging to different countries, i.e: the United States, Jordan, Indonesia, and Pakistan. So got the chance to learn from each other’s cultures under nervous circumstances.

We got the tickets and took the instructions from the guide, who stamped the star on the back side of our hands. He told us that if we carried any gadgets and during the event, they got dropped, they will not take responsibility. And with that, we took off our shoes and put all our belongings in safe cabins, and started the first level.

Dynamic Maze Level 1

The entrance of the first level was like a cave. I needed to bend down to enter it. Just after the entrance, there was a corridor with a hap-hazard pattern and infinity mirrors on all the walls and roof.

The light was extremely dim it was difficult to find the way. There were multiple ways but only one way was correct. The women in our team got confused but being a team we kept on struggling to find the way out. After that, the second hurdle was a liftable door on 4 sides of the small room.

Three of them were blind and the way was only one side. But it was a little easier than the first task. We completed it again with teamwork by checking one door per member. After that, there were jail-like grills on all four sides of the room we entered. And, only one side had a grill that was flexible to escape. We did it immediately and then entered corridors with revolving lights and sirens.

It seemed like we just escaped from jail, and the police were chasing us. I was very disoriented and confused. However, we managed to find the way out and entered the dark room that seemed like a black hole. This was the most dangerous part of level 1 and the girls in our group were afraid to enter the room.

Holding each other we eventually got out of this dark room and entered the tunnel where you need to crawl while laying down. If you tried to lift your head there was the chance to hit the iron grill above. Crossing the grill we completed the first level and came out. In all, we took 6 minutes and 34 seconds to complete the first level.

Dynamic Maze Level 2

At the entrance of level 2, the guide told us that it would require physical strength and that if you don’t want to put in the effort, it is better if you don’t go. So, both the women in our group gave up.

We men entered level 2 and found the button to start the game. As the light blinked we needed to press the button. We won the game by helping each other. After that, there was a treadmill game. We needed to run very fast to win the game in the given time. Unfortunately, we lost.

Basketball in cage

After that, there was a basketball game. This game taught us to help each other. As when we threw the ball simultaneously, both balls hit each other and no one could goal. However, when we respected each other, we could reach our goals. After playing basketball we entered a stair bridge where we had to go grabbing one stair, and then the next over our head in order to pass. We managed to cross it. Then we reached a platform where there were two buckets at the far end. We need to pull a rope to bring a bucket over and sit in it.

Winning Pose, Happyness of competition

After that, we had to shimmy ourselves across with our hands while sitting in the bucket. It required energy similar to canoeing. The next step was a steel pipe you need to grab, revolve 180 degrees and go down to the next room. And then, we entered a room full of big balls and a spring door.

First, we had to pull up the spring door, then lift the big ball on our backs, open the next door and shift the same to our teammates. This step also needed a lot of energy! After that, there were almost 1.5 meters of big step stairs. We crossed the same and reached the final step where we had to cross a new rope tunnel which was extremely difficult as it was in a semi-circle shape. It was an individual activity and the most difficult one. By completing this step, we have done everything. In total it took 8 minutes and 12 seconds. 


Overall, it was a healthy activity to improve mental and physical strength. It also taught us how to help each other and perform in a team. It wasn’t so easy that you underestimate the tasks, but it also wasn’t so difficult that everyone gives up. Even then if you fail, there are emergency buttons and rescue teams that are there to help people. I can’t easily forget this thrilling experience and recommend everyone tries to visit Jeju Dynamic maze at least once in their life.

Dynamic Maze Jeju (다이나믹메이즈 제주)

Address:  Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, Pyoseon-myeon, Beon yeong-ro, 2644 KR
Korean address: 제주특별자치도 서귀포시 특별자치도, 표선면 번영로 2644 KR
Operating Hours: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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