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Seoul Central Mosque Itaewon- Spectacle Of Religious Glory

Seoul Central Mosque Itaewon is one of the city’s most striking destinations. And that’s because it’s the single largest mosque in a city that spans for miles.

Source: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: ranamajid007)

The mosque is the perfect example of simplicity that meets fine architectural grounds. At the same time, it’s also known as the white pearl for Seoul Muslims. And that’s because many people travel miles to offer their prayers. This includes regular as well as weekly Friday prayers.

With the capacity to house hundreds of worshippers, you’ll be lucky to find a space indoors on numerous occasions. Other than that, you’ll find it bustling with Muslims on festivals such as Eid too.

From ancient history to facts galore, there’s so much here that’s worth exploring!

Goodwill gestures- unraveling the deep cultural history

Source: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: ranamajid007)

Opening its doors to thousands of Muslims across Seoul in 1976, you’ll be amazed at some intriguing facts.

But how did the mosque come about in a country where Muslims are a minority? Well, it’s all thanks to the kindhearted president of that time, Park Chung-Hee.

Yes, he offered the land. And as far as the mosque’s actual construction is concerned, we’ve got Muslim states to thank like Saudi Arabia and more.

Unbelievingly, after the mosque’s opening, the number of Muslims rose to about triple the amount. We’re talking a massive leap from 3000 to around 15,000 worshippers.

Now that’s what we call blessings in disguise.

Seoul Central Mosque- The Muslim Code of Conduct

The mosque itself comprises of a number of floors. Therefore, the first floor is reserved for professional founder meetings.

On the other hand, Muslim men offer their prayers in the hall on the second floor. Likewise, Muslim females offer their prayers on the third floor’s hall.

Here, Muslims follow a strict guideline relating to code of conduct like ethics and dress codes too. Similarly, these are all in line with true Islamic principles.

Some common examples include respecting others and avoiding all forms of indecency. At the same time, it’s advisable to avoid taking pictures on the mosque’s premises.

Similarly, try to avoid engaging in acts that might hurt or disturb another believer’s sentiments.

How do I get to Seoul Central Mosque Itaewon?

Source: Majid Mushtaq (Instagram: ranamajid007)

You can easily reach the mosque via subway. Just be sure to take subway line 6, situated at the Itaewon Station on Exit 3.

Now, move right before Itaewon’s fire station. After that, take a left towards Bogwang Elementary School’s intersection.

Finally, move in a straight direction for 100 more meters, as you finally arrive at your destination.

Seoul’s largest location for Muslim worshippers

Home to alluring architecture

The mosque’s characteristic Islamic design is just too good to be true. This includes the giant pillars over the building, as well as the stellar Arabic calligraphy too.

And that detailing upon the entrance promises an inviting welcome of the finest kind.

Say hello to versatility at its best

You’ll be amazed at how distinctively versatile this building is. The surroundings in Itaewon feature a vastly different picture altogether.

They’re mostly reminiscent of classic Korean feels. And for that reason, this mosque stands majestically apart from others in the vicinity. 

Collossal carpets for days

It’s a breath of fresh air at the Seoul district’s single largest mosque. There’s plenty of lighting and Islamic themed décor. And that means getting enlightened for hours.

The mosque is purely clean from the outside as well as the insides. There’s also a colossal carpet that makes the entire prayer experience a relaxing and comforting affair.

What is the best time to visit the mosque?

It’s always a good idea to arrive slightly ahead of the exact time. This way, you’re more likely to settle in amongst a crowd full of people with ease.

For Fridays and other special occasions like Eid, it’s especially important to be wary of time. You wouldn’t want to travel all that miles away and come back empty-handed without indulging in obligatory prayers.

Peaceful destination worth a glance

Today, the mosque stands at Hannam-dong in the Yongsan District. And while you’re thinking that it’s only open for prayers, that’s not true.

At the same time, it plays host to a number of religious gatherings too. Common examples include Islamic lectures in both Arabic and English.

On regular days, the attendance can go up to 800 worshippers. What a beautiful sight it is indeed.

One visit is all it takes to fall in love. Moreover, you’ll see why this location is at the mainstay focus of Muslim Koreans around Seoul.

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