One Day in Oido Island

Located at the end of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway Line 4, Oido Island is one of the popular destinations among locals and travelers who need an escape from the hustle and bustle of Seoul city life.

You might wonder why Oido is called an island when it is connected to the mainland. Back in the day, Oido was separated from the mainland and was an island. It was later linked to the man land after the place was turned into a salt farm.

My One Day in Oido Island

Oido Handmade Noodle Soup (오이도 손칼국수)

Kicking off the tour with some seafood noodles for lunch sounds great right? Surrounded by mudflats, Oido Island is very famous for its fresh clams.

Me and my friend had 2 portions of clamshell noodle soup (바지락 칼국수) at Oido Handmade Noodle Soup

The restaurant is also famous for their seafood noodle soup (해물 칼국수). However, do note that seafood noodle soup would require you to order at least 2 portions of it.

Oido Prehistoric Park (오이도 선사유적공원)

After lunch, we headed to Oido Prehistoric Park. The Oido Prehistoric Park is a site where you can see and study how prehistoric people live their daily life.

There are also various signs with simple explanations in English throughout the park. You can enjoy various prehistoric architectures here.

Besides, Oido Prehistoric Park is also famous for its silver grass trail. Seeing the silver grass field swaying back and forth in the breeze was relaxing!

Following the silver grass trail, you will find a small exhibition building located uphill. It is a space where you can learn more about the history of shell mounds.

The park has a lot to see. We spent around 1 to 2 hours there.

Oido Observatory Cafe (오이도 전망대 카페)

They are a lot of good places to relax over a cup of coffee or tea in Oido Island. As someone who enjoys panoramic view, I visited the Oido Observatory Cafe.

You can enjoy a bird ‘s-eye view of Oido Island tidal land from the rooftop of Oido Observatory Cafe. Benches and swings are located here as well for a better and comfier rooftop experience.

The interior of the café is decorated in vibrant colours, giving off a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere. We took the window seats to get a better outdoor view.

There are two routes you can take to get to the cafe. You can reach the cafe by taking stairs from the beach side or the trail from Oido Prehistoric Park.

Oido Red Lighthouse (오이도 빨강등대)

Walking along the Oido-ro, you can see an eye-catching red lighthouse with a height of 21.389 meter standing on the site. The red lighthouse is a marine infrastructure constructed in 2005 in order to revitalize the fishing villages and promote tourism in Oido Island.

The red-colored lighthouse goes well with the water and seagulls in the background, making the place an attractive tourist destination for travelers.

Taking photos in front of the landmark of Oido is a must!

After posing for photos at the Oido Red Lighthouse, we spent some time having a walk at the Oido Dock. Enjoy the beautiful sunset over the sea and blow with the cool breeze!

If you love seagulls, bring along some friend snack! They will fly all around you at a very close distance.

Tree of Life Observatory (생명의나무 전망대)

The Tree of Life Observatory is one of the popular stops along Oido-ro. The white tree sculpture may seem ordinary and usual during the day. However, when the night falls, the Tree of Life lives up to its name. Color changing lights are projected on the sculpture, giving off an expressive and lively atmosphere.

Jogae Pocha (조개포차)

When visiting Oido Island, you cannot miss to taste the famous roasted clams.

Jogae Pocha is the most popular restaurant for clams in Oido Island. Although the place is really big, the restaurant is always full of customers.

We had unlimited clams + ramen set which costs 17500won per person. The price may seem expensive but the is worth for the money! Other than clams, side dishes like stir- fried spicy pork, corn cheese and tteokbokki are served as well. If you book the seat beforehand on Naver, you can get free grilled butter prawns and shrimp toasts.

Here’s the link to the booking page: Jogae Pocha

Plum and juicy roasted clams with grilled cheese on them, what a feast!

Other than Shellfish Pocha, there are also a lot of seafood restaurants lining along the Oido Food Culture Street.

Overall Experience

Overall, it was an enjoyable and relaxing trip for me. All the attractions in Oido are reachable within walking distance so you don’t have to worry about the transportation. I highly recommend Oido Island as a destination if you are looking for a short getaway to replenish your energy!


Hi! I am Kok Ke Ying. I'm an engineering student currently studying in Korea University. I enjoy travelling and writing. You can find me on Instagram at xuanzhen_99