Noraebang in Korea – Karaoke culture in Korea

In Korea, the karaoke culture is out of this world. I don’t know about other countries, but Korea by far the best karaoke system. Karaoke, in Korean is called Noraebang 노래방.

The difference between Korea and the US

‘Norae’ stands for song and ‘bang’ stands for room. Therefore, the karaoke in Korea are all facilitated in your own personal room.

The difference between the US and Korea’s karaoke, is that in the US karaoke is mostly done out in the open. Mostly on a stage in front of a crowd of strangers. In which, not many people are comfortable doing unless you really have the guts and you are an extrovert. 

In Korea, karaoke is enjoyed in the comfort in your own personal space with people you know, family or friends. 

Coin Karaoke

Coin karaokes are very common in Korea. What this is, is basically a karaoke system that runs on not time, but the amount that you put in. The amount for songs differ for each district and stores but generally: 

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  • Seoul – 500won for 2 songs, 1000won for 4 songs
  • Suwon – 500 won for 1 song, 1000won for 3 songs.

Coin Karaokes are generally smaller than normal karaokes. Coin karaokes usually can fit up to 4 people max in one room.

Normal karaokes (time) 

Normal karaokes are the kind that most people are used to. They run on time. And the room for these karaokes are catered to a larger group of people (up to 10 people) depending on the size of the room.

Generally the price range can be 15,000won per hour, plus minus. This always differs place by place.

The best part of Karaoke in Korea that is worth acknowledging

They have many types of Karaoke systems. 

1. Free extra time ‘service’ 

My favourite part about karaoke in Korea, is the free service that they give you. ‘Free service’, here means more time for you to sing songs (for normal karaokes) or giving you more free songs to sing (coin karaoke) .

Again, this differs from place to place, some places give you free service and some don’t. However in my experience, they always do. 

2. Cleanliness and hygiene 

This is something you can never overlook. Especially in today’s current situation. 

Credit: gmarket

I love how they take hygiene seriously in the karaokes there. You can see this with their mic covers. Usually, before entering the karaoke, they would leave a bunch of mic covers at the entrance.

In addition to that, most karaoke places have a cleansing mic holder.

This is what they look like. I find this very convenient and it makes you feel more assured of the hygiene of the mic. 

3. Vending machines

Most karaoke places also have vending machines that you can buy water from with cheap prices. Drinking water helps a little bit when singing right?

4. Pretty mics!

Last but not least, the mics. They have variety mic options for different karaokes in Korea. For most new places, they don’t look like your typical karaoke mic. 

Some come in wireless white mics or even pink! This makes you feel like an actual singer with a customised mic. 

The only backside to this is the controls and displays are only available in Korean. So you would have to known to read Korean to go to a Noraebang. Or just have someone that can translate for you!

Actually, with today’s technology, you can even give it a go with a translating app that you trust. 

It might not come to your mind to go to karaoke when on a holiday. However, if you’re in the mood to sing a few songs and more experience there, the karaoke system is worth the try. 

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